Pioneer Love Stories

  • February 14, 2019

LINDA (BS ‘69 & MS ‘78) + DON (BS ‘68)

Earlier this month, Linda and Don celebrated their 47th anniversary. Both were PE majors and the only two in the credential program. Their relationship was nudged along by Les Davis, the football coach of CSUH. Linda worked in the KPE office at the time and Coach Davis would come through the office reciting Don's phone number telling her that it was the "key" to happiness. They believe it is destiny that brought them together as they were at some of the same football games before their undergrad.

FATIMA (BS ‘15 & MBA ‘18) + ERIK (BS ‘15 & MBA ‘18)

Fatima and Erik met during their senior year of college. They had two classes together during their senior year and that’s how they met. They graduated same time with a bachelor's degree and master 's degree. Erik proposed to Fatima on January 26, 2019!  “We are so excited! Thanks to East Bay bringing us together!"

CORRIE (BS ‘12) + CESAR (BS ‘12)

Cesar and Corrie met sophomore year at CSUEB in their Engineering Economics class with Dr. Zong. On the first day of class, Cesar forgot his textbook, so Corrie shared hers — and it was the start of their friendship. During their spring quarter of their senior year, they realized they wanted to be more than friends and started dating. They graduated together as industrial engineers in 2012, got married in 2016 and just had their first baby, Leo, in August of 2018.

KALI (BA ‘17) + DANIEL (BA ‘18)

Daniel (liberal arts major) and Kali (communications major) would have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for their East Bay study abroad trip to Cuba. They both became super close friends then and haven’t stopped hanging out since. “East Bay opened countless doors for me—changed my life in a million ways—but this will always be the very best," Kali said. "Take a chance, get out of your comfort zone, don’t settle for less. You never know what’s just around the next corner." 

SHARON (BS ‘79) + MICHAEL (BS ‘80 + MBA ‘91)

In 1975, Michael had to take Chemistry 101 the summer before his freshman year. That is where he met his wife, Sharon, while playing softball during breaks between lecture and lab. “I told my friends that I met my future wife and we have now been married 37 years,” -Michael said.

VANDANA (BA ‘12) + JASON (BA ‘15)

In 2009, Jason and Vandana met each other during their freshman year at CSUEB through a mutual friend and it was an instant hit. In April, they will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary and are expected to tie the knot next year. They are planning to take their engagement pictures where their love story began, at Cal State East Bay!

LISA (BS ‘84) + MICHAEL (MS ‘98)

Lisa met Michael after she graduated CSUH at his comedy show at Tommy T’s and has been with him ever since. After getting married, they had two boys and turned into a Pioneer family. Their oldest son received his BS in music and his teaching credential in music from East Bay. Their second son, Christopher, received his BA from San Francisco. They are still going to events on campus even after all these years because they are #foreverpioneers.

RACHEL (BS ‘14 + MS ‘16) + MICHAEL (MS ‘16)

Michael and Rachel took their first class together in a prerequisite where she remembers him as the guy in the sweats and flip flops.

Michael first remembers noticing Rachel in their first Masters class where he attempted to flirt with her and was shut down (although she does not remember); yet, later that quarter they became friends and started hanging out.

“Thankfully obtaining a masters degree took some time because it allowed for our relationship to develop from friendship to love," Michael said. "That's pretty much how it worked for us — boy meets girl (girl prior disliked boy's style), boy gets rejected by girl (she denies the rejection ever happened), a development of friendship, then a deeper development of love and caring for one another.  And after two years of dating, I asked her to marry me and she said yes!”

SHALEAH (MA ‘16) + SCOTT (MA ‘16)

Shaleah and Scott married in 1998. Both decided to attend CSUEB for MSOTL while taking care of two teenagers and working full time. While being classmates and partners, it built empathy over the school workload they both had. They were both working in education and wanted to improve their professional credentials.“It's an online program and was so manageable and affordable, and when you want to make a change there's no time like the present,” Scott said.

SHEREEN (BS ‘10) + ASMAR (BS ‘10)

Shereen met Asmar in Dr.Zong’ economic class in Fall 2009; both were working on their Industrial Engineering degrees. Asmar offered help on Shereen’s homework in order to talk to her. They got engaged in February 2010 & married in May 2011. They have been happily married ever since & have a 4-year-old daughter.

SARA (BA ‘13 & MA ‘15) + ADAM (BA ‘13 & MA’15)

Sara and Adam bonded over their love of books and baseball in Dr.Fox’s Advanced Expository Writing class. After being study buddies for a few months they went on their first date on Valentine’s Day of 2013. Both finished their BA in English in 2013, completed their Master’s in English in 2015. As of 2019, they have been happily married for two years.

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