September Research Roundup

  • BY Cal State East Bay
  • September 24, 2019

Each month, East Bay Today will highlight Cal State East Bay faculty accolades, including awards, research grants, fellowships, publications and media mentions. To submit an item for the Research Roundup, please email Natalie Feulner

Lecturer Stephen J. Morewitz published his 13th book, titled “Clinical Psychological Perspectives on Foul Play,” which examines a wide range of factors that influence how police determine foul play in homicide cases and other crimes. 

Associate professor Maria Ortuoste was quoted in a story about East Timor’s reliance on China to help improve its economy. “China has not been shy about flexing its muscles,” Ortuoste said. She was also quoted in a story on ASEAN about the same issue stating “Timor-Leste is still struggling with all of the basic services they have to deliver … a big goal for them is to diversify their economy.”

Associate professor Michael Moon was recently cited in a story about the "use and abuse” of reference checks at universities. Moon argued that the use of backdoor reference checks is ironic as it “authorizes concealed methods and suppressed information within an institutional context of scholarship that requires data and methodology transparency and participant consent to be considered ethical and legitimate.” 

Assistant professor Alina Engleman recently co-published a paper which used an intersectional lens to look at the scope, magnitude and determinants of health inequities that people with disabilities face when seeking care. The article makes a case for a social justice approach to nursing education. 

Lecturer Nolan Higdon was featured on NBC Bay Area in a story about President Donald Trump’s tweets aimed at Google’s search function, which Trump argues is biased against him. Higdon also weighed in after the online message board 8chan was knocked offline following the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. 

Associate professor Sarah Taylor had an essay published by EdSource about her son’s experience navigating Fragile X Syndrome and school.  

Professor Levent Ertaul received an “Outstanding Achievement Award for Contributions to the Field of Cyber Security and Privacy” as well as an “Achievement Award for Research Contributions to the Field of Network Study” from the American Council of Science and Education. 

Cal State East Bay’s police chief Mark Flores spoke with KRON about a story revealing that half of all sexual assaults on college campuses happen at the beginning of the school year and what students can do to stay safe.