Student attendees at the LG Nova Innovation Festival

Cal State East Bay Students Shine at LG Nova 2023

  • BY Diego Torres
  • December 6, 2023

More than 30 Cal State East Bay students were among thousands of attendees at San Francisco’s LG Nova Innovation Festival for startups, investors and corporate leaders on Oct.25 and Nov. 2 at The Hibernia. Under the leadership of Piusha Pandey, a team of computer science students from The Smith Center and The Up! Club secured their spot in the Hackathon with their product: Study Slicer. This innovative study companion aimed to eliminate distractions and enhance focus when studying. 

Cal State East Bay students were able to see Izzet Darendeli, an associate professor of management during his panel discussion at LG Nova 2023, where he sat alongside industry experts Chris Ullrich from Cognixion and Taylor Shead from STEMuli Studios. Darendeli delved into the realm of Artificial Intelligence, presenting a comparison between the AI revolution and the transformative effect electricity had in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Darendeli highlighted the parallels of resistance and skepticism witnessed historically, juxtaposing it with recent community reactions toward AI. Emphasizing the tangible versus intangible nature of these technologies, their varying adoption speeds, and their impact on employment and skill sets, Darendeli provided a nuanced perspective. “I shared my latest research on the impact of technologies on the perceived skill gap with the audience,” he said. “Different age, race and income groups will experience varied impacts due to these technological changes.” His insights shed light on the complexities of the ‘skill gap,’ revealing its potential disparities across demographics.

The event overall was a gateway to understanding the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and exploring many innovative ideas. It provided unparalleled exposure and a profound learning experience for all attendees, particularly the students, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and future possibilities. For Daniyal Shaikh, President of The Up!Club, the most memorable moment of the event was, “networking with investors and the wider innovation community was a standout experience for us. Additionally, witnessing our CSUEB team engage and pitch their product at the Hackathon.”  

LG Nova 2023 didn’t just symbolize a gathering of innovators; it was a nexus where education met innovation, empowering students to transcend boundaries and embrace the cutting edge of technological advancement.