Matthew Atencio, Ph.D

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Associate Professor of Kinesiology



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Action or Lifestyle Sports, Youth Sports, Skateboarding, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Qualitative Research, Educational Research


My research and teaching is underpinned by academic experience working in various international educational contexts, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. I am interested in contemporary issues within Physical Education, Outdoor Education, and Sport Sociology. In both research and teaching, I place great emphasis on the versatile nature of Kinesiology as a field that can be relevant to the needs of our society. Kinesiology provides a unique context that can align with the diverse backgrounds and life trajectories of our students.

In The News

  • Professor, Students Discouraged By ‘Pay-To-Play’ Mentality In College Admissions (KPIX)

    “This reminds me of pay-to-play gone haywire,” said Matthew Atencio, an author and professor at Cal State University East Bay. Atencio said he was surprised at the extent of the scandal and how deep it runs within the admissions systems at elite schools. “We aren’t thinking about the ethics or broader social implications of this kind of mentality, but is about cultivating my own individual child and, in this case, it’s gone nuts,” he said.

    March 12, 2019

  • Is Skateboarding the New Soccer? (East Bay Today)

    Cal State East Bay professors investigate one of the fastest-growing youth sports in America.

    February 7, 2017