Elizabeth Bergman, Ph.D.

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Professor Emeritus (& former Chair) of Political Science

Political Science

E-mail: elizabeth.bergman@csueastbay.edu

Phone: 510-885-3860

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California politics; especially the state budget, water policy, education funding and policy, Voters (demographics), voting behavior (turnout) and public opinion/polls, Elections; administration and processes both statewide and nationally (Voter ID, long lines, voting by mail, poll worker recruitment), Urban politics; especially relating to sub-city governments (special districts, e.g. school districts), Practical politics, "how to" of campaigns and how candidates get elected, Lobbying and political reform, re: money and influence in politics and elections

Unique life experiences

Immigrant parents; my Jewish father lost his family in the holocaust, my mother is a Catholic from Bosnia -- she came to the US as a mail-order bride but dumped her groom. Though I was conceived here I was born in Zagreb because my mother had to leave the US when her visa expired, so I am a naturalized citizen (raised my right hand and took the oath when I was five years old). I am the first person in my family to go to college and a first generation English speaker.

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