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The millennials are coming... will the workplace really change?

 Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin

  • June 29, 2010 5:29am

WorkWise columnist Mildred Culp recently wrote an article about the possible impact the millenials (Gen Y) may have on the future workplace. Citing a research report, “What Your Company Will Look Like When Millennials Call the Shots,” Culp wrote, “Believe what you read and you might think that this group has a professional version of ADHD…To retain Gen Y, you must offer 'an environment that continually keeps them stimulated and engaged,' the report says. Take this need seriously by realizing that they need not just creative projects, but a workplace filled with colleagues who are lively and active in their work -- not those who hit 40, 45 or 50 and decide to slow down.”

Assistant Management Professor Daniel Martin comments in the article, “This is a natural, developmental progress that asserts itself every generation. The same cycle expresses itself with its entrance into adulthood and the workforce.” Click to read the entire article, "WorkWise: Tomorrow's Workplace - Brighter, Livelier?"


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