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CSUEB professor says to watch out for the "methane monster"

Craig Collins

Craig Collins

  • July 1, 2010 5:43am

In his recent article, “BP's Methane Monster: From the Gulf to the Globe,” Cal State East Bay Political Science Lecturer Craig Collins wrote, “…methane may prove to be the most deadly of all greenhouse gases.”

His article explains the impact that methane has had on everything from the BP oil spill and coal mining to the thawing tundra in the Arctic.

Collins said, “The Siberian Shelf alone harbors an estimated 1,400 billion tons of methane - about twice as much carbon as is contained in all the trees, grasses and flowers on the planet. If just one percent of this escaped into the atmosphere within a few decades, it would be enough to cause catastrophic, uncontrollable climate change.”


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