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Finding your right work is as easy as browsing a bookstore

Craig Nathanson

Craig Nathanson

  • August 10, 2010 5:00am

Craig Nathanson, faculty member in the Cal State East Bay Human Resource Management certificate program, spoke at the Commonwealth Club of California on “Finding the Right Work.”

“Up until 40, we pretty much have done what society has expected, “said Nathanson. “After 40, it’s an important time of our lives to start to think about how we can recreate a second half to bring us more joy, more passion, more fulfillment.”

Nathanson encouraged the audience to write a list of their 3-5 abilities – things they do really well - and are motivated to perform.  To determine deep interests, he said to think of where they would go inside Barnes and Nobles if they only had an hour to browse. The intersection between one’s ability and deep interest is the “right work”.

Watch the entire video on the Commonwealth Club Web site.


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