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Poli Sci professor explains "pro" of high local election fees

Kim Geron

Kim Geron

  • October 7, 2010 5:26am
Contra Costa Times reporter Robert Jordan interviewed Kim Geron, associate professor of political science, for his article, “Running for office? Grab your wallet.”

Candidates running for local office in East Bay can expect to pay high fees for filing costs and for their ballot statements to appear in a pamphlet sent to voters. Costs range from $180 for a candidate in the Knightsen School District to $12,732 for an Alameda county judicial seat.

"One of the pro arguments for these fees is that these fees are designed for people that are serious candidates and have some support," said Geron. "Whether that is fair is another thing." He also said that ballot statements can only help a candidate because it lists their qualifications and voters can find out who is endorsing the candidates.

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