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CSUEB students write, edit, and publish academic journals

Arroyo Literary

"The Arroyo Literary Review," launched by English graduate students in 2008, is among a handful of academic journals that provide publishing experience to CSUEB students.

  • December 15, 2010 5:17am

Cal State East Bay is home to several student-run academic journals, including Arroyo, showcasing new and established writers from across the country, East Bay Politica, a student-written journal that focuses on subjects from international to local politics, and Reflections, a journal highlighting CSUEB students’ philosophical works.

"The work students perform in producing an academic journal — from soliciting contributions to editing the final product — gives them experience akin to a traditional internship," says Susan Gubernat, associate professor of English and faculty advisor for Arroyo. “Students are now getting pre-professional experience by working on a journal in all its aspects: editing, designing, producing, marketing, and distribution."

That’s also the case for students who work on East Bay Politica, a journal that allows students not only to write for a publication but gain firsthand experience with the publishing process.

The idea for East Bay Politica came from associate professor Melissa Michelson after she read an article about a similar journal at California State University, Chico and the benefits it provided students.

“I thought we could do that here,” says Michelson, whose previous experience in journalism proved to be handy in getting the journal started. The journal, which debuted in 2007, has grown to become popular with political science majors.

Faculty advisor Jennifer Eagan has overseen the electronic version of Reflections since she joined the University in 2004.

“The objective is to promote all the good work students are doing in philosophy,” says Eagan, associate professor and department chair of philosophy. “(Faculty) have a drive to really highlight our students’ work.”

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