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Librarian Emerita Kristin Ramsdell legitimizes romance novels

Kristin Ramsdell

Kristin Ramsdell

  • December 31, 2010 5:13am

Kristin Ramsdell, romance reviewer. It's a saucy-sounding title for a woman who spent her professional days ensconced in the library stacks, training students to conduct bibliographic research, and doing her part to legitimize a marginalized genre.

It wasn’t the steamy storylines or heaving chest clichés, though, that prompted Librarian Emerita Ramsdell to take the romance genre seriously. It was the numbers.

With $1.37 billion in annual sales, romance is the top selling genre in the consumer market. About 75 million readers devoured at least one romance title in 2008 alone. Ramsdell, a former Romance Writers of America Librarian of the Year, has kept romance lovers abreast of the best available for 16 years through a bi-monthly review column she pens for the national Library Journal. She also edits Romance Fiction: A Guide to the Genre, a reference guide found on public library shelves nationwide.

"Romance fiction is very empowering for women, because women win … It shows women taking charge of their own lives. The days –– at least in the United States –– of a woman waiting for her prince have changed. The heroine will just as likely save the hero as the other way around. Generally, they end up working together," said Ramsdell.

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