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New green business management certificate offered at CSUEB

  • August 3, 2012 5:00am

California State University, East Bay is launching a new certificate program in Green Business Management for the fall quarter.

The CSUEB Green Business Management Certificate Program addresses the roles, responsibilities, and impact of "green management" in a continuously changing business environment. The competitive and complex domestic and international markets will be observed, and the program will look at these important factors to present new needed knowledge and skills. This program also will consider practical applications of "Green Management" in various industries. The program would be updated with new skills which ultimately produce and create competent managers for an aggressive and multifaceted market.

By successfully completing the Green Business Management Certificate Program, students will understand how to concentrate on the most important challenges of the tasks and projects, and achieve organizational goals more effectively by using "Green Management" principles. It also demonstrates how competent managers can make operational activities greener, make decisions more intelligently, avoid common mistakes, create a culture of trust, and ultimately lead the organization to achieve its goals effectively.

To earn the certificate, students must complete 5 required courses. These courses aim to provide the student an understanding of the mounting demand for business management practices to create not just financial value but to effectively respond as well to the environmental sustainability and social responsibility concerns of society, a knowledge of the current “best practices” of businesses in responding to this demand to create sustainable value and an understanding of the basic principles behind them, and to develop in the student an appreciation and a sense of commitment to practice greener business management practices in their future professional careers.

To learn more about this brand new program at Cal State East Bay.


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