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CSUEB professor has another take on the Giants' sweep

Bonnie Jameson

Bonnie Jameson

  • November 9, 2012 5:00am

It is the rare individual who can look at a sports franchise as storied as the San Francisco Giants and see past the stats to the root of their success. Professor Bonnie Jameson is just such a person, and she insists that the Giants’ World Series wins can be attributed to the organization’s development from a human resources perspective.

Jameson’s unique outlook comes from her point of view as an HR professional. She has taught such classes as nonprofit management, leadership, strategic planning, and meeting management at DCIE for 20 years. In that time she distinguished herself as one of our most dedicated professors. “Bonnie is a fantastic instructor, one of our very best … She is extremely dedicated and loves teaching more than anyone I know. She’ll take classes of 4 or 5, all for the love of teaching,” says program coordinator, Janet Kelly.

Jameson’s approach to organizational development emphasizes the human aspect of human resources. “Human resources are the essentials in all groups, and it is of vital importance that individuals and groups learn how to communicate directly with one another in order to provide a positive culture and climate within which everyone works ... The San Francisco Giants organization modeled the kind of organization I refer to. The people liked and respected each other at all levels, and the skills and task proficiency of the managers and players was exceptional. The result: World Series sweep!”

Jameson’s dedication to her profession and her students has made her an indispensible part of DCIE’s faculty. To learn more about human resources or about Jameson’s classes.


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