Certified Quality Online or Hybrid Courses

In an effort to continuously enhance Online and Hybrid courses at CSUEB, Office of Academic Affairs and Online Campus provides Online & Hybrid Course Quality Transformation Grants for faculty who teach Online or Hybrid Courses. Faculty can take training courses through Quality Matters (QM) or Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT), work with Online Campus eLearning Specialist to review your course, request peer-review of their Online or Hybrid courses from QM, and be certified by QM or QOLT as Quality Online / Hybrid Course. For general inquiries, and questions about the quality assurance, faculty training, and course certification program, please contact the Online Campus:  online@csueastbay.edu or call 510-885-2100.

List of Certified Quality Online Courses
Course Title Faculty QM Coordinator


ENGL 102

Accelerated College Writing

Marina Sapozhnikov

Cheryl Saelee


MLL 161 

Elementary Mandarin I (06/2022/QM)

 Hui-tzu Lu

Cheryl Saelee 


KIN 162

Nutrition and Performance (06/2022/QM)

Andrea Johnson

Cheryl Saelee


ENGL 200

College Writing II (05/2022/QM)

Sujin Lee

Cheryl Saelee



Implementing and Analyzing Research in Preschool - Grade 12 (05/2022/QM)

Tonja Byrom

Meg Taggart



Victimology & Crime Victims (05/2022/QM)

Christopher Palmore

Cheryl Saelee 



Exercise and Well-Being (05/2022/QM)

Mandi Dupain

Cheryl Saelee



Adult Development and Aging (04/2022/QM)

Lisa Handwerker

Meg Taggart



Crisis in Schools and Mental Health Settings (04/2022/QM)

May Nguyen

Cheryl Saelee



Japanese Folktale and Culture (04/2022/QM)

Shiori Greller

Cheryl Saelee



U.S. and California Environmental History (04/2022/QM)

Gregory Brueck

Cheryl Saelee



Serving Diverse Populations (01/2022/QM)

Keelin Jardin

Cheryl Saelee



Social Psychology (01/2022/QM)

Amara Miller

Monica Munoz



Critical Inquiry in Kinesiology (12/2021/QM)

Missy Wright

Monica Munoz



Literature and Healthcare (10/2021/QM)

Christine Gottlieb

Monica Munoz



Designing Curriculum for Online Instruction (10/2021/QM)

Cheryl Saelee

Cheryl Saelee



Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Lifespan Human Development (09/2021/QM)

Jiansheng Gho

Cheryl Saelee



Environmental Literature (09/2021/QM)

Ryan Heryford

Cheryl Saelee



Communicative and Cognitive Development Across the Lifespan (09/2021/QM)

Elena Dukhovny

Cheryl Saelee



Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning (08/2021/QM)

Meg Taggart

Meg Taggart

162 OTL681 Creating Digital Media Online (04/2021/QM)

James Thomas

Meg Taggart
161 OTL603 Technology Tools for Online Instruction (05/2021/QM)

Monica Munoz

Monica Munoz
160 OTL673 Supervising and Evaluating Online Teaching (06/2021/QM)

David Dodick

Cheryl Saelee
158 ACCT210 Introduction to Financial Accounting (06/2021/QM)

Chinglih Jan

Lacey Garza
158 BIOL271 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (06/2021/QM)

Tess Freidenburg

Lacey Garza
157 REC359 Therapeutic Environmental Recreation (04/2022/QM) Erick Kong
156 OTL606 Research in Online Teaching and Learning (04/2022/QM) Melanie Shaw Meg Taggart
155 MGMT499 Strategic Business Management (03/2022/QM) Alex Makarevish Meg Taggart
154 FIN300 Financial Management (05/2021/QM) Fung-Shine Pan Lacey Garza
153 REC620 Organizational Development in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism (05/2021/QM) Heather Vilhauer Monica Munoz
152 TED5301 Foundations of Single Subject Education (01/2021/QM) James Mitchell Meg Taggart
151 OTL682 Designing and Implementing User Interfaces for Online Instruction (11/2020/QM) James Thomas Meg Taggart
150 ENGL302 Discursive Writing (10/2020/QM) Jill Sumstad Lacey Garza
149 BIOL106 Biodiversity of California (10/2020/QM) Kelly Decker Meg Taggart
148 ANTH333 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective (07/2020/QM) Lisa Handwerker Meg Taggart
147 MGMT310 Organizational Behavior (06/2020/QM) Anil Comelo Lacey Garza
146 ECON205 Principles of Marcoeconomics (06/2020/QM) Kai Ding Lacey Garza
145 CHEM106 Chemistry and Society (05/2020/QM) Kelsi Perttula Lacey Garza
144 MGMT460 Healthcare Operations (04/2020/QM) Balaraman Rajan Lacey Garza
143 HIST102 World History II: 16th Century C.E.-Present (02/2020/QM) Benjamin Klein Lacey Garza
142 ACCT433 Federal Taxation for Partnerships (01/2020/QM) John Tan Lacey Garza
141 REC610 Strategic Leadership & Ethics (01/2020/QM) Heather Vilhauer Meg Taggart
140 ENSC240 Environmental Biology (12/2019/QM) Kelly Decker Lacey Garza
139 ENSC241 Environmental Biology Lab (12/2019/QM) Kelly Decker Meg Taggart
138 PHIL312 BioEthics (11/2019/QM) Craig Derksen Monica Munoz
137 ENGL200 College Writing II (10/2019/QM) Sartaz Aziz Lacey Garza
136 STAT101 Statistics in Everyday Life (10/2019/QM) Oylum Ispir Meg Taggart
135 HSC445 HIV/AIDS in a Global Context (10/2019/QM) Nidhi Khosla Lacey Garza
134 CMGT660 Cost Accounting, Control and Reporting in Construtction (10/2019/QM) Reza Akhvian Cheryl Saelee
133 PHIL312 Bioethics (09/2019/QM) Anndretta Wilson Monica Munoz
132 PHIL100 Workshop in Critical Thinking (09/2019/QM) Craig Derksen Monica Munoz
131 PHIL100 Workshop in Critical Thinking (09/2019/QM) Susi Ferrarello Cheryl Saelee
130 OTL682 Design and Implement User Interfaces for Online Instruction (09/2019/QM)
Bill Hopkinson Meg Taggart
129 HDEV380 Lifespan Human Development (09/2019/QM) Lisa Handwerker Lacey Garza
128 STAT697 Issues in Statistics (09/2019/QM) Isaiah Lankham Monica Munoz
127 CMGT410 Engineering Graphics for Construction Management (09/2019/QM) Fadi Castronovo Cheryl Saelee
126 MGMT404 Staffing and Talent Management (08/2019/QM) Rajan Selvarajan Monica Munoz
125 ENGL200 College Writing II (08/2019/QM) Sally Baxter Cheryl Saelee
124 CRJ380 Forensic Science (07/2019/QM) Michelle Rippy Cheryl Saelee
123 TED521 Content Literacy/English Language Learners (07/2019/QM) James Mitchell Meg Taggart
122 HIST447 History and Trends of Nursing (06/2019/QM) Mary Ann Irwin Lacey Garza
121 HIST101 World History I: Pre-History c. 1500CE (06/2019/QM) Benjamin Klein Lacey Garza
120 ANTH331 Folklore (05/2019/QM) JoAnn Conrad Meg Taggart
119 CRJ340 Advanced Criminal Investigation (05/2019/QM) Michelle Rippy Cheryl Saelee
118 ACCT215 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (05/2019/QM) Robert Lin Monica Munoz
117 ENGL302 Discursive Writing (04/2019/QM) Marina Sapozhnikov Cheryl Saelee
116 KIN461 Exercise and Well Being (03/2019/QM) Huda Prucha Meg Taggart
115 ANTH300 Anthropology in Global Change (03/2019/QM) Lisa Handwerker Lacey Garza
114 FIN410 Problems in Corporate Finance (03/2019/QM) Tammie Mosley Monica Munoz
113 POSC801 Legal Research and Writing I (03/2019/QM) Michael Greathouse Cheryl Saelee
112 OTL680 Building The Online Environment (02/2019/QM) Anne Guptill Meg Taggart
111 EDUI680 Current Technologies (02/2019/QM) Li-Ling Chen Meg Taggart
110 MLL146 Basic Spanish for Health Care Professionals (01/2019/QM) Maria Del Thomas Monica Munoz
109 KIN162 Nutrition and Performance (11/2018/QM) Huda Prucha Meg Taggart
108 CRJA2500 Administration of Justice (09/2018/QM) Summer Jackson Cheryl Saelee
107 TED529 Professional Responsibilities in Education (10/2018/QM) James Mitchell Meg Taggart
106 BAN602 Quantitative Fundamentals for Analytics (10/2018/QM) Chongqi Wu Meg Taggart
105 CMGT6999 Issues in Construction Management (08/2018/QM) Reza Akhavian Cheryl Saelee
104 OTL605 Educational Planning and Development for Online Programs (08/2018/QM) Witt Salley Meg Taggart
103 EDLD620 School Finance and Human Resources for Equity (08/2018/QM) Michael Fanning Meg Taggart
102 REC364 RT program Planning and Implementation (08/2018/QM) Keelin Jardin Monica Munoz
101 ANTH3720 Medical Anthropology (08/2018/QM) Lisa Handwerker Meg Taggart
100 CRJ330 Crime Prevention and Control (08/2018/QM) Michelle Rippy Cheryl Saelee
99 POSC825 Law Office Management (08/2018/QM) Betty Cavanaugh Cheryl Saelee
98 NURS452 Preceptorship Synthesis (07/2018/QM) Kimberly Kim Cheryl Saelee
97 MGMT3110 Project Management (07/2018/QM) Vish Hegde Meg Taggart
96 REC362 RT: Documentation and Assessment (07/2018/QM) Erick Kong Meg Taggart
95 MGMT3560 Business and Professional Ethics (07/2018/QM) Rajan Selvarajan Monica Munoz
94 THEA242 From Stage to Screen (06/2018/QM) Marc Jacobs Cheryl Saelee
93 ENGL1002 College Writing II (06/2018/QM) Dore Ripley Monica Munoz
92 ES2300 Black Cinematic Tradition (06/2018/QM) Steven Cleveland Monica Munoz
91 CRJ410 Advanced Policing Innovations (06/2018/QM) Sanjay Marwah Cheryl Saelee
90 TED507 Technology in the Multiple Subjects Classroom (05/2018/QM) James Mitchell Meg Taggart
89 XXX Faculty BlackBoard Orientation Course (05/2018/QM) Online Campus Lacey Garza
88 ENGL3003 Discursive Writing (05/2018/QM) Mary D'Alleva Cheryl Saelee
87 HDEV3102 Lifespan Social and Emotional Development (05/2018/QM) Jiansheng Guo Monica Munoz
86 ENGL1002 Rhetorical Analysis, Argumentation, and Research (05/2018/QM) Tupelo Hassman Cheryl Saelee
85 MGMT3100 Decision Science (04/2018/QM) Balaraman Rajan Meg Taggart
84 LIBY1210 Introduction to Information Literacy (04/2018/QM) Lee Adams Meg Taggart
83 KIN3305 Structural Kinesiology (04/2018/QM) Vanessa Ying Ling Meg Taggart
82 PHYS125 Introductory Physics: Force, Mass, Motion, Thermal and Fluids (03/2018/QM) Amy Furniss Monica Munoz
81 EDLD8081 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods A (03/2018/QM) Kathryn Storm Monica Munoz
80 MLL3812 Modern Japanese Short Stories in English Translation (03/2018/QM) Meiling Wu Monica Munoz
79 MGMT3614 Organizational Behavior (02/2018/QM) Asha Rao Monica Munoz
78 MGMT3560 Business and professional Ethics (02/2018/QM) Raj Shea Meg Taggart
77 ENG300 Writing for Proficiency (02/2018/QM) Marina Sapozhnikov Cheryl Saelee
76 HCA6260 Health Care Policy Analysis (02/2018/QM) Nicole Diggs Cheryl Saelee
75 TED3001 Exploring Education (02/2018/QM) Valerie Helgren-Lempesis Meg Taggart
74 HIST3311 Traditional China (02/2018/QM) Nancy Park Bernie Salvador
73 MLL2601 Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I (01/2018/QM) Hui-Tzu Lu Monica Munoz
72 MKTG3401 Marketing Principles (01/2018/QM) Cesar Maloles Meg Taggart
71 KIN2700 Women and Sport (01/2018/QM) Linda Buchanan Bernie Salvador
70 LIBY1210 Intro to Information Literacy (01/2018/QM) Tom Bickley Bernie Salvador
69 CRJA4330 Prejudice Violence Hate Crimes (01/2018/QM) Silvina Ituarte Monica Munoz
68 HDEV3201 Theories of Human Development (01/2018/QM) Lisa Handwerker Meg Taggart
67 EDUI640 Research in Educational Technologies (12/2017/QM) Li-Ling Chen Cheryl Saelee
66 ENGL300 Writing for Proficiency (12/2017/QM) Patricia Raburn Cheryl Saelee
65 OTL6781 Creating Digital Media for Online Instruction (12/2017/QM) Anne Guptill Meg Taggart
64 FIN4415 Real Estate Valuation (12/2017/QM) Tammie Mosley Monica Munoz
63 ENGL1002 College Writing II (12/2017/QM) Mary D'Alleva Meg Taggart
62 HIST1015 World Civilization II Nancy Park Bernie Salvador
61 REC4602 Rec Therapy Processes (11/2017/QM) Keelin Jardin Bernie Salvador
60 PUAD6801 Public Policy Formulation (11/2017/QM) Alton Jelks Monica Munoz
59 STAT6250 SAS Programming (11/2017/QM) Isaiah Iankham Monica Munoz
58 MLL3612 Modern Chinese Short Stories (10/2017/QM) Meiling Wu Monica Munoz
57 FIN4315 Derivatives Markets (09/2017/QM) Fung-Shine Pan Monica Munoz
56 MLL151 Elementary Japanese I (09/2017/QM) Rie Hannon Monica Munoz
55 ECON3107 Global Economics Analysis (09/2017/QM) Filippo Rebessi Meg Taggart
54 POSC7042 Legal Ethics (09/2017/QM) Betty Cavanaugh Cheryl Saelee
53 CRJA2200 Basic Criminal Investigation (08/2017/QM) Michelle Rippy Cheryl Saelee
52 PHYS1800 Astronomy (08/2017/QM) Amy Furniss Monica Munoz
51 REC4604 Recreation Therapy: Advancing the Profession (08/2017/QM) Erick Kong Bernie Salvador
50 MGMT3100 Decision Science (07/2017/QM) Chongqi Wu Meg Taggart
49 ENGL3000 Writing for Proficiency (07/2017/QM) Georgie Ziff Monica Munoz
48 HIST3500 History of California (06/2017/QM) Greg Brueck Bernie Salvador
47 OTL6704/7804 Designing Curriculum for Online Instruction (06/2017/QM) Bill Hopkinson Meg Taggart
46 MLL2803 Intermediate Japanese III (06/2017/QM) Shiori Hoke Monica Munoz
45 EDUI6210 Principles of Instructional Design (05/2017/QM) Li-Ling Chen Cheryl Saelee
44 ES3430 Interracial Relationships, Sex & Marriage (05/2017/QM) Luz Calvo Meg Taggart
43 ES3430 Interracial Relationships, Sex & Marriage (05/2017/QM) Steve Cleveland Monica Munoz
42 HIS1014 World Civilizations I (05/2017/QM) Kevin Kaatz Meg Taggart
41 OTL6707 History and Culture of Online Communities (04/2017/QM) Datta Kaur Khalsa Meg Taggart
40 HIS3323 Modern Japan (04/2017/QM) Nancy Park Bernie Salvador
39 FIN4410 Finance Real Estate Operations (03/2017/QM) Tammie Mosley Monica Munoz
38 FIN4310 Investment Analysis (03/2017/QM) Eric Fricke  Meg Taggart
37 ITM3060 Information Technology Management (03/2017/QM) Roger Wen Cheryl Saelee
36 REC3800 Introduction to Recreation Therapy (02/2017/QM) Erick Kong Bernie Salvador
35 HDEV3101 Lifespan Physical and Cognitive Development (01/2017/QM) Jiansheng Guo Monica Munoz
34 OTL6783 Interactivity in Online Environments (12/2016/QM) Bill Hopkinson Meg Taggart
33 POSC3441 American Constitutional Law (11/2016/QM) David Baggins Meg Taggart
32 EDLD8086 Dissertation Seminar (11/2016/QM) Kathryn Strom Monica Munoz
31 HIST1014 World Civilization I (06/2016/QOLT) Kevin Kaatz NA
30 MGMT3620 Operations Management (06/2016/QM) Zinovy Radovilsky Meg Taggart
29 MLL2802 Intermediate Japanese II (06/2016/QM) Shiori Hoke Megan Mulholland
28 MLL3611 New Chinese Cinema (in English) (05/2016/QM) Meiling Wu Meg Taggart
27 OTL6702 Teaching Models for Online Instruction (05/2016/QM) Jodi Servatius Megan Mulholland
26 OTL6703 Technology Tools for Online Instruction (05/2016/QM) Patricia Schodowski Meg Taggart
25 HIST3325 Postwar Japan, 1945-Present (04/2016/QM) Nancy Park Megan Mulholland
24 MGMT3650 Business & Professional Ethics (04/2016/QM) Stephanie Seitz Meg Taggart
23 ANTH3800 Language and Culture (03/2016/QM) Andrew Wong Rebecca Farivar
22 POSC3703 American Political Thought (03/2016/QM) David Baggins Rebecca Farivar
21 EDLD8000 Values and Purposes of Educational Leadership (03/2016/QM) Bobbie Plough Rebecca Farivar
20 ACCT2251 Intro to Financial Accounting (03/2016/QM) Ying Guo Meg Taggart
19 HIST3322 Early Japan (03/2016/QM) Nancy Park Rebecca Farivar
18 HDEV4120 Child Language Development (03/2016/QM) Sara Smith Rebecca Farivar
17 EDUI6110 Web as an Interactive Educational Tool (02/2016/QM) Li-Ling Chen Megan Mulholland
16 MLL1604 Intensive Mandarin (01/22/2016/QM) Huitzu Lu Rebecca Farivar
15 TED5301 Psychological Foundations in Middle and Secondary School Education (01/10/2016/QM) Jim Mitchell Rebecca Farivar
14 REC4605 Recreation Therapy Diagnostic Groupings (01/08/2016/ QM) Erick Kong Bernie Salvador
13 OTL6701 Intro to Online Teaching & Learning (12/21/2015 / QM) Anne Guptill Meg Taggart
12 EDLD8084 Applied Research Methods (12/10/2015/Hybrid/QM) Katie Strom Rebecca Farivar
11 ACCT2251 Introduction to Financial Accounting (12/04/2015/QM) Chinglih Jan Rebecca Farivar
10 POSC3290 Comparative Law (12/01/2015/Hybrid/QM) David Baggins Rebecca Farivar
9 FIN3300 Financial Management (12/02/2015/QM) Tammie Mosley Rebecca Farivar
8 FIN3300 Financial Management (12/01/2015/QM) Fung-Shine Pan Rebecca Farivar
7 MLL3831 Experiencing Japanese Culture (11/20/2015/QM) Meiling Wu Rebecca Farivar
6 HDEV4110 Child Cognitive Development (11/02/2015/QM) Sara Smith Rebecca Farivar
5 ANTH3000 Anthropology in the Modern World (10/28/2015/QM) Andrew Wong Rebecca Farivar
4 MGMT3645 Global Supply Chain Management (10/22/2015/QM) Chongqi Wu Rebecca Farivar
3 HIST1016 World Civilizations III (09/18/2015/ QOLT) Kevin Kaatz NA
2 EDUI6110 Web as an Interactive Educational Tool (09/2014/Hybrid/QOLT) Li-Ling Chen NA
1 TED5110 Computer-Based Technologies in the Classroom (09/2013/QOLT) Li-Ling Chen NA