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Online Master of Science in eLearning


With approval from the California State University’s Chancellor’s Office on May 5, 2020 the MS in Education, Concentration in Online Teaching and Learning program has been elevated to a full Master of Science degree, now called the MS in eLearning program (MSeL) with a redesigned curriculum for Fall Semester 2020.  Elevating the concentration to a full Master in Science degree program will give us more opportunity to serve more students and meet the industry’s needs. 

The MS in eLearning degree will allow us to meet new teaching and training opportunities for online instructional designers, instructional technologists, instructors, and trainers/coordinators.  The demand for online education and administration has continued to grow since the late 1990s, and the need for qualified online trainers and educators is ever increasing. The elevation of the degree will allow us to make additional enhancements to the courses and help our students learn how to think more critically and become responsive to the ever-changing field of online teaching and learning.

The MS in eLearning degree is a professional development program that shows you how to update and improve your current teaching/training materials to best fit your particular set of online learners, in that subject area, for whatever institution you are currently employed by.  The program helps professionals to effectively design and implement online courses/modules and utilize various technology, tools, and systems for the virtual learning environment.  More teachers, facilitators and eLearning specialists who really understand how to work in the online environment will be needed.

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Our program is not cohort-based, with all students taking the same courses each term. Rather, you can complete the degree based on your schedule and courses being offered.   However, our courses are not self-paced; each course has weekly assignments and due dates.

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