Horizon Email & Blackboard

Horizon Email

Use your CSUEB Student Email Account (Horizon) for official school business.

All Cal State East Bay students receive a Horizon student e-mail account. The Online Teaching & Learning program strictly adheres to the CSUEB email policy. All notices, registration reminders, program-related updates and replies to your email will be sent directly to your Horizon email account only.

It will be your responsibility to frequently check this account. The University also uses your Horizon email account to send important university-wide updates and news. If a student misses an important deadline (or something similar) because they didn’t get the email message, we will not provide them with an exception.

Blackboard also is linked to your Horizon e-mail account. So, if you want to receive messages from your instructor, you will need to check Horizon email account.

Students are protected under federal laws (FERPA) regarding communications with the university within the Horizon student e-mail service. It is password protected and one’s personal data is secure. If you forward your e-mail to another e-mail address, the university cannot protect the privacy of your information.


We use CSUEB Blackboard as the course management system for the Online Teaching & Learning courses. You will use your NetID as your "username" and your NetID password as the "password" to log into Blackboard for course access.

Access your courses through Blackboard.