Abbreviations and Acronyms

AACE - Academic Advising and Career Education

APASS - Asian Pacific American Student Success

AS - Accessibility Services for students with disabilities

ASI - Associated Students, Inc. student government

BayCard - Student photo identification card that can be charged with BayBucks money to spend on campus for stores, printing, copiers, etc.

CBE - College of Business and Economics

CEAS - College of Education and Allied Studies

CLASS - College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

CSCI - College of Science

CSUEB - California State University, East Bay

DISC - Diversity and Inclusion Student Center

EB - East Bay

EOP - Educational Opportunity Program

EXCEL - A student support program for low income, first generation and disabled students

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid, filed online and used for all financial aid and scholarship applications

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, protects the rights and privacy of student records

GANAS - Gaining Access ‘n’ Academic Success

MyCSUEB - Student information online account

NetID - Student identification number for accessing online interfaces

OPSS - Office of Prospective Student Services

OUU - Original University Union, student union building on the Hayward Campus

RAW - Recreation and Wellness Center

SA - Student Affairs Division

SCAA - Student Center for Academic Achievement

SHCS - Student Health and Counseling Center

SLLP - Student Life and Leadership Program

UU - University Union, the newer student union on Hayward Campus