Student Quotes

What our graduating seniors say about the Political Science Major

This major offered me way more than expected. I am now better equipped to do research, understand the underlying reasons for policy issues, think critically, understand international politics, apply reasoning to the law, understand how our government works, etc. I think that everyone should at least have a minor in political science because it relates to all other subjects/majors. Political science deals with the way the world is run, and in order to be successful in life a person needs to be knowledgeable about some aspect of political science.

A political science degree was good for me, because it taught me to not accept things at face value, to challenge my beliefs, and to never agree with something just because someone says to… It has taught me that there are always multiple ways of looking at any given issue and that no issue is solved by a simple answer… All of the professors have been wonderful, and I feel each knew so much about the subjects they teach.

I am hoping to pursue a career in bureaucracy at the state or county level. A degree in political science is very valuable to me in my attempt to reach this goal…A political science degree…offers a broad range of career options and even if I choose to pursue a career in an unrelated field it has given me the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions about my political leaders and any laws that I may have the opportunity to vote on.

Taking the pre-law option prepared me for the type of law classes or format of classes that I might encounter in law school.

The political science major is invigorating, engaging and challenging.

I figure having knowledge of politics will allow me to better understand how my world works and why… Politics runs the world—it’s everywhere. So to survive, you got to know how it works.