Summer 2023 Important Updates

Beginning this summer, most classes will be offered on a state supported basis instead of self support funded. Students will continue to receive the class offerings and services, such as tutoring, they need consistent with fall and spring semesters. 

This change will not impact the number of courses offered or the registration process. The notable change for California resident students is the fee structure. California resident students will still pay a per unit fee plus a prorated amount for campus based fees. Students who register for 6 units will benefit from a lower total cost than prior summer terms. The additional fees for non-residents of California including international students will be an additional $396 per student credit unit.

Summer 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

The university is changing the funding model for summer session from self support to state support. Students will continue to receive the services and class offerings they need similar to fall and spring semesters.

The biggest change for students is the fee structure. Like the past few summers, students will still pay a per unit fee, but there is also a prorated amount for campus based fees. For students who register for 6 units the total cost will be lower than fees in prior summer sessions. The non resident additional per unit fees will be the same as fall and spring semesters. 

A full breakdown of fees can be found on the student finance website.

With respect to financial aid, the summer session is considered a trailer at East Bay, which takes into account the previous fall and spring semesters. As such, funding may be available but are typically limited to federal loans and the federal Pell Grant for students who qualify. Students should complete the 2022-23 FAFSA/CADAA to be considered for summer financial aid. Eligible, degree-seeking students who are enrolled in required coursework at Cal State East Bay and who submitted a 2022-2023 FAFSA/CADAA application will automatically be considered upon registration.

Students must maintain a minimum of half-time enrollment to be considered for financial aid. Half-time enrollment is at least 6 units for undergraduate programs and 4 units of graduate courses. For additional questions, please contact The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Students will continue to register and pay their fees using MyCSUEB and follow University policies and processes as they would with any other term. Registration for Summer Term 2023 will begin on April 10, and the full schedule of classes will be available on April 3. All the important registration and fee payment deadlines can be found on the Important Dates website.

Course offerings vary term to term and year to year.  However, we expect a similar number of courses will be offered in Summer Session, 2023 as were offered in Summer Session, 2022.

Students who are not matriculated at Cal State East Bay (including students who will begin in the Fall Semester, 2023) may enroll in summer courses through Open University.  You will register through Continuing Education just like in a typical  semester. The Summer 2023 Open University course fee is$350 per unit for undergraduate courses, and $400 per unit for graduate courses. (Fees are subject to change without prior notice.)

You will not see any changes. Graduate and undergraduate programs operated through self-support are not affected by the changes made for Summer Session, 2023. These programs will continue to operate as they have in the past.

We expect that the majority of classes will be taught online.  In the schedule of classes, these classes are identified with “online campus” in the location code. In MyCSUEB you can search for classes by location.  When looking at online classes, be aware that some online classes will be taught synchronously (with specific days and times for meeting).  This will be indicated in the schedule of classes.