Use of 3rd Party and Hosted IS Policy


Hosted “Cloud” services are applications, infrastructure and information resources hosted off-campus which are accessed via the Internet. Cloud computing resources range from off-campus file storage services such as or, to hosted email such as, (, to special purpose services that provide specific functionality. Examples include but are not limited to complex multi-purpose cloud applications such Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365, along with more narrowly focused application such as Blackboard LMS, Servicenow or Salesforce.

These resources are vital for the fulfillment of the academic, research and business needs of the campus. This policy ensures that campus information assets hosted in the cloud, along with applications and services offered by third parties are managed and protected in a manner consistent with on-campus systems. This policy addresses the review and approval process for purchase, contract or “free” use of hosted or third party information technology resources for purposes related to the campus mission.

Cal State East Bay President
This policy is intended to apply to all hosted or third party applications used to provide computing, application or network services, platforms, and infrastructure for campus operations. The policy is intended to apply to a wide range of services which involve access, exchange, storage, processing or analysis of campus data regardless of whether it is a free or contracted service or resource.
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