BaySync is our campus engagement software where you can go to join clubs, organizations & departments to keep updated on everything happening at CSUEB! It is a web-based platform that allows CSUEB to create an online community that streamlines processes and drive engagement throughout campus. BaySync allows our campus/users to do the following:

  • Events - Users can sign up for posted events throughout campus. The event calendar is considered our centralized calendar for university events. Users are also able to check into events and get credit for attending events, eventually keeping track of all events that they have attended at CSUEB.
  • Organizations - Find interested organizations/departments that they can join in order to stay connected. Users can also create informal groups. Examples: study groups, apartment roommate groups, project groups, etc.
  • News - Scroll through posted news article announcements to get updated information about things happening at CSUEB.
  • Forms - Complete forms from departments and organizations digitally. Users are able to retain a copy of their submitted forms.
  • Engagement Transcript - Users are able to manage all of their involvement at CSUEB into one engagement transcript that they can use to support their resume, scholarship applications or other processes.
  • And LOTS MORE!

BaySync Training/Resources

Administrator Training

This section includes resources for page administrators.

Training Sessions:

  1. BaySync Administrator Training #1: Maneuvering Around The System
  2. BaySync Administrator Training #2: About/News/Gallery/Documents/Service Hours
  3. BaySync Administrator Training #3: Roster/Messaging/Events - COMING SOON!
  4. BaySync Administrator Training #4: Forms - COMING SOON!
  5. BaySync Administrator Training #5: Paths - COMING SOON!


Quick Vids:

  1. About:
  2. Documents:
  3. Engagement Transcript:
  4. Events:
  5. Forms:
  6. Gallery:
  7. Messaging:
  8. News:
  9. Organizations:
  10. Roster:
  11. Service Hours:




Administrator Tips:

BaySync Newsletters