Alternative Accommodations

Any qualified individual with disabilities may request special testing arrangements and you will be given a non-standard test administration.

If you think you might need accommodations, contact ‘Accessibility Services’ for approval of the accommodations.  To ensure accommodations can be met, it is important that you contact ‘Accessibility Services’ and provide your approved accommodations to the Testing Office before test registration deadline.

You must register and pay for the test before registration deadline.  (For Math Proficiency Assessment, please contact CSUEB Testing Office before creating an ALEKS account).

The Testing Office will e-mail you the location, date, and time of your test about a week beforehand. If you do not receive this information, please contact Testing Office at least five working days before registered test date.

The accommodated non-standard tests may be given on a different location, date, and/or time. 

NOTE: 'Approved Accommodations' are valid only for the test and date specified on the 'Approval Form'.  If you would like to take the test again or another test in future, you are required to submit your request for approval again.