Completing the Student Answer Sheet

Successful and accurate computerized test scoring depends on properly completed answer sheets.

Your student must:

  • Read "Important Directions for Marking Answers" on page 2 of the answer sheet.
  • Use a No. 2 pencil only.
  • Make marks very dark so that letter underneath mark cannot be seen.
  • Erase unintended marks completely.

The following information must be completed on the student's answer sheet:

  • Last Name, FI, MI: Enter name in blocks at the top of this section then blacken the circle correspondent to each letter.
  • Social Security Number: Enter social security or student ID number.
  • Sex/Class Level Optional
  • Instructor/Course/Section/Date: Complete this information on the on upper-right corner of answer sheet
  • Mark Answers: Questions 1-100 are marked on page 1; questions 101-160 on page 2.