Reading Score Reports

Automated Test Scoring provides a listing of the answer key sheet and an alphabetical listing of each student's responses, showing the response used to score each item. This listing is important in insuring that items were scored correctly since the student markings on the answer sheet can be compared to the response record.

Score Reports
Report Type Report Description
Student Responses

A record of all students names, social security numbers, and responses

Score Distribution

Summary of scores including statistical analysis

Score Roster

Scoring detail showing number correct, wrong, and percents

Summary Statistics Summary Statistics
Descriptive Item Analysis*

Reports the number and percent of students responding to or omitting questions

Discriminative Item Analysis**

Report is useful for evaluating individual test items in detail.

Please Note: The following report is generated only if Item Analysis area of key sheet is marked with a 1 or 2

** Please Note: Key sheet Item Analysis area must be marked with a 2 to generate.