Student Spotlight

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Anna Jackson



What brought you to Cal State East Bay? 

I remember when Warren Hall was still visible from 580 and I wanted to attend CSU Hayward(at the time).  It didn't work out then, but it worked out when it was my time.  By then it was CSU, East Bay.


Why did you choose the degree you received? What would your dream job be?

I had obtained my AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences and I talked with my Professor at Merritt College and I asked him if he could do it over what would he do different?  He said he would either take Sociology of Psychology.  I chose Sociology because it dealt with people and how they interacted with society because my goal it to obtain my Masters of Social Work


What are you involved in on campus (IE: Clubs, student organizations, etc.)? How have they contributed to your personal and professional growth?*

I joined the Orientation Team my first year as a Transfer student.  We were coming out of Covid-19 lock down and I wanted to get to know people on campus and also wanted a challenge.  Orientation seemed like a perfect way to do that.  I also got involved with the newly formed Black Student Success Center. I also applied and was accepted into EXCEL-which helps 1st generation and low-income students with resume writing, internship opportunities, and so many other opportunities 


Have you been involved with internships, research, study abroad, or any other experience you’d like to tell us about? Please tell us how these experiences have shaped you personally, academically, and professionally.

Through EXCEL I applied and was accepted for an internship with Highland Hospital.  I was there for a short time but I gained skills using their internal computer system-EPIC. Learned about community and agency resources for marginalized communities.



























What is /was your favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite spot on campus is the 3rd floor of the CORE.  It's quiet and the views of the Bay are AMAZING!!!!!

Tell us about an obstacle you overcame.

I have overcome many obstacles.  One that happened shortly before I came to East Bay was the death of my sister. She was killed 4 days before the pandemic shut down the world. She wasn't there when I applied or graduated from Undergrad atEast Bay.  She wasn't there when I applied to Grad school at East Bay and she won't be there when I graduate with my Masters in Social Work.  It's something about not having my little sister who was always there-not there. 


What is your secret to college success?

There is no secret. You have to do the work, have a support system, practice self-care.  My family fills my cup that I pour from.


What was the best advice you were ever given by a professor, staff, or classmate while here at Cal State East Bay? 



- What advice can you give someone transferring to Cal State East Bay?

Find your community and lean into them.  They are here for you and they want to see you succeed.