Event Planning

Planning an Affiliated Event on the CSUEB Hayward Campus

1. Procedures

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Event Schedulers will create an event in 25Live or submit an online Reservation Request form through the Reservations Office webpage (see References below). Where special facilities or equipment are required for a scheduled event, the request must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. If the event is an assembly, march, or demonstration, the University Time, Place and Manner Policy must be followed.

If services from the ITS department are required, the event scheduler will need to submit a Service Ticket through the ITS Service Desk.

For all other resource needs, the respective service department will receive a task in 25Live for the fulfillment of the resource need.

  • A list of event service departments is attached as Addendum I.
  • A list of equipment provided by service departments is attached as Addendum II.

If there is a complaint about the handling of the requested services, the event scheduler will file the complaint with the responsible department and let staff in the University Scheduling office or the University Union scheduling office know about the complaint. The staff in those offices will make a note in 25Live. Any questions about this policy in general can be directed to the Director, University Scheduling.

2. Risk management

In accordance with University policies on risk management, all off-campus service providers (see Definitions below) for any CSUEB event must have all approved insurance documents on file prior to the date of the event. The link for the Risk Management department is listed below in References.

3. Confirmations and cancellations

The Reservations Coordinator will confirm the availability of space on the CSUEB Hayward campus for requested events. If a specific space is requested for an event, the Reservations Coordinator will use this space request as the first priority. If this location is not available, then the Reservations Coordinator will inform the requestor, and provide alternative location options. Once a location is approved for an event, the Reservations Coordinator will assign the location in the 25Live system, which will signal service departments to complete their tasks for the event.

If an event is to be cancelled, the requestor must cancel the event date in the 25Live system or send the cancellation notice to the Reservations Coordinator, as well as the ITS contact, at least 48 hours in advance of the event. For regularly scheduled department meetings, if a meeting is to be cancelled on a specific date, the original requestor must notify the Reservations Coordinator that the meeting location will be vacant on the cancelled date.

For an event that includes scheduled staff or special resources, the courtesy of one week cancellation notice is requested. 

If the planning for an event had accrued any personnel, overtime, or material costs for the service department(s), those costs will be recharged back to the event scheduler's department, club or organization.

4. Fees

The current facilities rental rates can be found on the Reservations and Rentals webpage. University departments will only be charged for personnel working after normal business hours, or for extraordinary equipment or services.

The standard hours for Facilities Management services are M-F / 7am – 2pm; for all other university service departments the standard hours are M-F / 8am – 5pm. The standard hours for all departments are excluding holidays or other University mandated time off. Fees for services or equipment are under the jurisdiction of the appropriate service department(s) and requestors can contact the service department(s) for confirmation of any potential fees.

5. Appropriate use, food and alcohol, and parking

All events on the CSUEB Hayward campus must abide by the established use policies which include:

  1. Policy on Time, Place, and Manner of Free Expression
  2. Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs
  3. Food and Hospitality
  4. Parking

Links to these policies are listed on the Reservations and Rentals Resources page.

6. Posting signs to advertise events

When planning events, please be aware of and familiar with the policy that governs the posting of signs on the CSUEB campuses. Sponsoring departments shall comply with the CSUEB Posting Policy. The link to this policy is listed on the Reservations and Rentals Resources page.

Recommended options for signs
CSUEB departmental personnel who have experience planning events use two primary types of event signage:

  • A-frames both wooden and plastic
  • Small banners or signs on wire frames
  • Larger banners with appropriate supporting structure

The CSUEB Procurement Office can recommend vendors for the purchasing of signs for CSUEB events.

7. Definitions

  • CSUEB Affiliate – any CSUEB student, faculty, administrator, or staff person who plans events on the CSU East Bay Hayward campus.
  • CSUEB Non-Affiliate – any person or entity who is renting a CSUEB facility for a non-CSUEB event. This includes CSUEB employees who are renting a facility for personal use or outside of job related responsibilities.
  • Service Department – a business or academic department that regularly provides a service and/or equipment for requestors on the CSU East Bay Hayward campus. These departments are listed in Addendum I.
  • Equipment – equipment that is provided to requestors for limited use at events on the CSU East Bay Hayward campus. A list of equipment that is generally provided for events is listed in Addendum II.
  • Off-campus vendor or service provider – any vendor which is not employed by CSUEB and provides a service or product for an event on any of the CSUEB campuses. Such services include, but are not limited to: speaker, DJ, sound systems, video services, etc. All off-campus vendors must be approved by the CSUEB Procurement Office with valid vendor data on file.


Addendum I - Service Departments

University Scheduling – Reservations and Rentals
Online reservation request form
Services/resources provided:
  • Confirmation of location request
  • Confirmation of equipment request
  • Compliance check for event request
  • Liaison with service departments
  • Compliance with Hospitality policy

Facilities Management
Services/resources provided:
  • Electrical
  • Moving Crews
  • Plumbing
  • Custodial Services
  • Carpentry
  • Grounds: Including litter control, marking of fields for sports events, traffic control assistance, scheduling mowing/watering.
Facilities Planning, Design and Construction
Services/resources provided:
  • Approval of space layout if different from any existing layouts
  • Liaison for Fire marshal approval of space layouts

Risk Management

Environmental Health and Safety

Information Technology Services
ITS Service Desk
Services/resources provided:
  • Microphones with speakers
  • Lapel wireless microphones
  • LCD Projectors
  • Screens
  • Projectors
  • CD player / recorder
University Parking Services
510-885-3790; website
Services/resources provided:
  • Parking lot rental
  • Special parking permits
  • Parking fees, rules and regulations

University Police Department
Services/resources provided:
  • Security at events
  • Traffic control

Pioneer Catering
510-885-4516; website
Services/resources provided:

Food service for all events on the CSUEB campus. Pioneer Catering has the exclusive right to provide food on the CSUEB campus for both internal and external rentals. If Pioneer Catering does not accept the request for food service, another off-campus vendor may then be contacted for service. If an off-campus vendor is providing food on campus they are required by the University to show proper licenses.

Addendum II - Equipment

Provided by service departments:
  • CD player/recorder
  • Chairs – up to 300 if available
  • Fire marshal approval of space layout
  • Floor tarp for Gym
  • Lapel wireless microphones
  • LCD Projectors
  • Microphones with speakers
  • Parking
  • Podium
  • Screens
  • Security for events
  • Space plans for layout
  • Tables - 100
  • Traffic control for events
  • Trash/disposal containers
Outside the scope of service departments:
  • Chairs for large groups – 300+
  • Event canopies and tents
  • Fencing to confine open spaces
  • Large trash dumpsters
  • Sound systems beyond microphones