Advising and Course Selection

New transfer students do not need a transfer credit evaluation (DAR) or General Education advising prior to enrolling in the first semester at CSUEB, as the majority of coursework needed to graduate will be in your major.

Students are encouraged to receive academic advising from their major department and focus on major-specific courses first. These requirements are in addition to General Education and graduation requirements. View a list of academic departments to determine how to receive major advising.

In addition to major requirements, all CSUEB undergraduate students must complete the following graduation requirements: 

  • Upper-Division GE requirements: Completion of three upper-division General Education courses. One course must be taken at a CSU campus in each of these areas: B6-Science, C4-Humanities*, and D4-Social*.
  • American Institutions/Code requirement: Completion of 2-3 courses in US History, US Government, and CA state/local government.
  • GE Area E requirement: Completion of three semester units of activity-based coursework, such as PE activity, applied music and art, theatre production, or acting. Consult with the Veterans Academic Counselor about using your DD 214 for military credit for the Area E requirement.
  • 2nd English Composition requirement: Completion of Engl 1002 or an equivalent lower-division course followed by the upper-division Writing Skills Test or other method of satisfying the UWSR.
  • Overlay requirement: Completion of one class from each area (Diversity - Div, Social Justice - SJ, and Sustainability - Sus), which may overlap with GE or major.*

View Academic Advising and Career Education’s Guide for New Transfer Students to learn more about these requirements and how to search for these courses in MyCSUEB.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to meet with the Veterans Academic Counselor, please contact 510-885-3669