Meet Your Welcome Center Staff and Tour Guides

Meet Your Welcome Center Staff



Hello, I am excited to be your Welcome Center Adviser. I earned two Bachelor of science degrees from Humboldt State University and I have a Master's in Recreation and Tourism from here at Cal State East Bay. 

What I love about Cal State East Bay is the diversity, the views, and atmosphere. Cal State East Bay is a beautiful campus where you immediately feel at home. Since it's a medium-sized university, you get the family-vibe without losing access to a myriad of programs and clubs. The SF Bay Area location is perfect for exploring the city, the woods, the ocean, or any places in between. Cal State East Bay represents the best the Bay Area has to offer. My favorite place on campus is the Starbucks in the Library, because coffee and books! My most played song is “California Love,” by 2Pac. My favorite quote du jour is "I never look back Darling; it distracts from the now!" from Edna Mode of "The Incredibles" because your tomorrow is what you make it, not what makes you. I hope you'll start your tomorrow with us at Cal State East Bay. See you on campus!

Meet Your Tour Guides!

student ambassador Jeremiah

Jeremiah: Tours Lead

My name is Jeremiah Quilantang and I'm a graduating Kinesiology major aspiring to become a sports medicine physician. I was born and raised in Stockton, CA and decided to come to East Bay for a new set of surroundings. My transition was pretty smooth because what I sought after (a clean slate) became a reality. I also love meeting all types of people, so when I came to East Bay it was the reason I joined numerous clubs and organizations on campus from Orientation Team to the Welcome Center. I'm very open-minded to almost all things, which is why my favorite quote is:
"Wonderment can come from the most mundane movements" - David Levithan
This inspires me to make the most of everything that occurs in my life.
student ambassador Austin

Austin: Outreach Lead

My name is Austin and I am a fourth-year Kinesiology major here at Cal State East Bay. Currently, I am the Outreach Lead here at the Welcome Center.  Even though I was born here in the Bay Area, I am from Elk Grove, CA. My dream job is to work for a professional or college sports team as a team trainer or as a coach. My transition to East Bay was difficult at first as a lot was going on as I started school. The community here at East Bay definitely made me more comfortable as I adjusted from high school to college. I chose East Bay because I loved the diversity East Bay had and I felt like I fit right in and I was at home. My favorite quote is "Success isn't owned. It is leased, and rent is due everyday." -JJ Watt. This quote by my favorite athlete reminds me that if I want to be successful I have to work hard and to strive to be the best. 

Christopher: Lead in Training


I'm Chris! I am a graduating senior from Azusa, CA majoring in Kinesiology. I'm striving to one day become a registered nurse. I chose CSUEB because it was a brand new environment full of amazing people. My own personal transition to college has been amazing, I've only been here a year and I've already made amazing memories with my new friends. My favorite quote is "if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you". My most replayed song is Bleach by Brockhampton.

Photo of student ambassador Eduardo



I’m Eduardo and I am a second year from Modesto, CA. I am majoring in Photography with a minor in Marketing. I hope to become a photographer for National Geographic. I chose CSU East Bay because it became my dream school after I visited it during my freshman year of high school. I mean its at the center of the Bay Area, there’s a lot more opportunities for my career here, and the weather is much better than my home town. My transition to college has been really great, I have new friends, a good job, and my classes are going really well. “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little ‘stitious.” - Michael Scott. I love the office and vines. My most replayed song is “Sangria” by Easy Life, Arlo Parks.