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What is the University Honors Program?

The University Honors Program provides outstanding students the opportunity for academic challenge through the completion of specialized courses, seminars and projects under the direction of faculty mentors.

Is graduation from the University Honors Program the same as graduation with honors?

No, the University Honors Program is different from "graduation with honors". Graduation with honors is determined strictly on a GPA basis, and no additional coursework is required. See the University Catalog for description.

What are the benefits of participating in the University Honors Program?

University Honors Students in good standing gain early registration for most university classes, attend educational and social events with other Honors Students, have exclusive use of the Main Library’s University Honors Student Center, and may be considered for periodic awards and scholarships. University Honors Students also develop close professional relationships with their faculty mentors, receive recognition on their official transcripts and diplomas, and enjoy special acknowledgement at both the Honors Convocation and Graduation ceremonies.

When will I be granted early registration for my classes?

All senior, junior, and sophomore University Honors Program students who are in good standing and who have successfully completed at least one Honors course receive early registration. Freshmen Honors students do not qualify for early registration.

Am I eligible for the University Honors Program?

Admission to the program is open to:

  • Undergraduate students admitted to the university with a minimum 3.60 GPA.
  • Students who have maintained a 3.60 GPA in their last 36 quarter (or equivalent semester) units of baccalaureate-level coursework.
  • Transfer students who have maintained a minimum 3.60 GPA in their most recent three quarters and 36 units of coursework (or two semesters and 24 units) at their prior college or university.
  • Transfer students who successfully participated in the honors program at their prior college or university. In addition, eligible students must have satisfied the EPT/ELM requirements.

How do I become part of the University Honors Program?

Eligible students should complete an online application to participate in this program. Only students who have formally indicated a desire to participate in the University Honors Program may take courses for honors credit.

How do I stay in the University Honors Program?

Once accepted in the University Honors Program, students must remain in good standing in the program by:

  • completing at least one University Honors Course per academic year with grades of "B" or better, and
  • maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.60 for all CSUEB coursework taken subsequent to being accepted to the University Honors Program. Students who fail to meet the maintenance requirements for two consecutive quarters will be dropped from the program.

How many courses must I take to graduate from the University Honors Program?

To graduate from the University Honors Program students must:

  • Complete 20 units of honors courses with at least 8 units outside the major. "Honors" units will only be assigned upon completion of courses approved by the University Honors Program Director in which the student earns a "B" or better and completes an honors project to the satisfaction of the instructor of the course. University Honors courses may be in the student's major or minor, as well as in general education, and/or free electives. At least 8 honors units, however, must be taken outside the student's major. University Honors courses may not be taken "credit/no credit."
  • Complete GS 3999, a one-unit seminar designed exclusively for University Honors Students.
  • Be part of the program for at least one academic year and maintain a 3.60 GPA.

What recognition do I receive for graduating from the University Honors Program?

University Honors Students will receive special recognition at the Honors Convocation and/or at graduation. Additionally, University Honors Students will receive recognition on their transcripts and their diplomas, as well as a certificate of recognition from the program.

What courses can I take for honors credit?

Students can choose any course from the schedule of classes for honors credit.

Can I take all my honors courses in my major?

No, you must take a minimum of eight units, or two courses, outside your major. A maximum of three courses, or twelve units, may be in your major.

Can I take all my honors courses outside my major?

Absolutely! There are no restrictions on courses outside your major. The only restrictions are for courses inside your major.

How do I enroll in an honors course?

To obtain approval for credit for a University Honors Course, students must work with their professor to complete and sign the University Honors Contract . A contract must be completed for each University Honors Course. Signed contracts are due to the University Honors Program office, Student Services Building 4500, by the end of the third full week of the quarter. The contracts must be approved by the University Honors Program. At the end of the course, the University Honors Program will confirm that the student completed the course with a grade of B, or better and the Professor will confirm satisfactory completion of the honors work or project.

Does the honors work or project count toward my course grade?

The honors work or project is to be graded on a pass/not pass basis. The honors coursework should not be considered extra credit; it is something beyond the typical course material that only University Honors Students work on.

What happens if I complete the honors coursework successfully?

Each course completed successfully will be so designated on your transcript. Remember, though, you must have at least a B as a regular grade to be eligible for honors in a class.

If I sign a contract for a particular course am I obligated to complete the course for honors?

No. This program is designed to enrich a student's experience at Cal State East Bay, not to create added stress. If you find you cannot or do not want to complete the honors work or project, simply notify the instructor and the University Honors Program Director.

What happens if I do not complete the honors coursework successfully?

No designation whatsoever shows up on your record. Remember, this is not a program intended to raise your stress level.

What happens if I do not maintain a GPA of 3.60?

Students who do not maintain a minimum GPA of 3.60 will:

  • Be placed on program probation if their GPA is 3.50.
  • Be disqualified from the program if their GPA is 3.50 for two or more quarters.
  • Be disqualified from the program if their GPA falls below 3.50.

Students disqualified from the program will be eligible for reinstatement if their GPA is restored to the minimum required for admission. Courses taken by a disqualified student prior to disqualification will be counted toward graduation if the student is subsequently reinstated in the program.

Am I required to finish the honors work or project in the quarter the course is offered?

It would be best to finish the honors work or project in the quarter the course is offered. At the discretion of the instructor and the University Honors Program Director, however, the honors work or project can be extended one more quarter.

Can I drop out of the program and enter at a later date?

Yes, you can drop out and reenter at a later date. Courses you took prior to dropping out will continue to be counted towards your University Honors Program completion.

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