Exam Dates & Student Charges

WST – Regular Administration (Paper Version)

Exam Dates
QuarterTest DateRegistration DeadlineLocation
Winter 20171/27/171/15/17Concord
Winter 20171/28/171/15/17Hayward
Winter 20172/17/172/5/17Oakland
Winter 20172/18/172/5/17Hayward
Spring 20174/14/174/2/17Concord
Spring 20174/15/174/2/17Hayward
Spring 20174/21/174/9/17Concord
Spring 20175/12/174/30/17Oakland
Spring 20175/13/174/30/17Hayward
Spring 20175/27/175/14/17Hayward
Summer 20177/14/177/2/17Concord
Summer 20177/15/177/2/17Hayward
Summer 20178/4/177/23/17Oakland
Summer 20178/5/177/23/17Hayward
Fall 201710/13/1710/1/17Concord
Fall 201710/14/1710/1/17Hayward
Fall 201711/3/1710/22/17Oakland
Fall 201711/11/1710/29/17Hayward

Student Charges for WST – Regular Administration (Paper Version): $25.00

Charges will post directly to student's account and account information is found in the self-service center of MyCSUEB.

Important: WST (Regular Administration - Paper Version), once registered, there will be no cancellation and/or reschedule of the test. 

Test Start Times:

Hayward Campus: 8:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.
Concord Campus: 10:00 a.m. or 12:30 p.m.
Oakland Center: 10:00 a.m.

Test times will be assigned randomly and printed on your admission ticket.

WST – Limited Administration (Computer Version)

Exam Dates
Test DateRegistration DeadlineStart TimeLocationTest Room
6/22/176/20/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
6/22/176/20/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
6/27/176/25/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
6/27/176/25/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
6/29/176/27/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
6/29/176/27/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/3/177/1/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/3/177/1/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/7/177/5/1710:00 AMOakland CenterRoom 7
7/11/177/9/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/11/177/9/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/18/177/16/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/18/177/16/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/20/177/18/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/20/177/18/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/24/177/22/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/24/177/22/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/26/177/24/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/26/177/24/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
7/28/177/26/1710:00 AMConcord CampusCC 167
8/2/177/31/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
8/2/177/31/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162
8/8/178/6/1710:00 AMHayward CampusLI 3162
8/8/178/6/171:00 PMHayward CampusLI 3162

Student Charges for WST – Limited Administration (Computer Version): $50.00

Charges will post directly to student's account and account information is found in the self-service center of MyCSUEB.

WST LA dates/registration for next quarter will be available by the end of current quarter. 


  • Above are standard test administration dates.
  • Test Registration charges are subject to change without notice.
  • Registration will be closed when capacity is reached regardless of deadline.

Distance Students: Contact Testing Office via e-mail for options to take 'Out of Area' testing. 

Student Charges for 'Out of Area' WST : $50.00

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