1. Is the MSBA program a STEM program?

Yes. The program’s CIP code is 52.1301, which makes MSBA a STEM designated program.

2. Can I work full time while enrolled in this program?

Yes, most classes are evening or weekend classes, allowing students to have some flexibility in their schedule.

3. Where are classes held? Are there any online classes?

Classes are held on Hayward campus. BAN601 and BAN602 may be offered online or in hybrid format. 

4. Do I need GMAT/GRE to apply?

GMAT/GRE is required, though there is no minimum score requirement. Of admitted applicants, the average percentile in verbal section is approximately 20% and in quantitative section it is approximately 60%.

5. How can I submit my GMAT/GRE and TOEFL scores?

Please use the following codes to submit your scores.


GRE:    4011

TOEFL: 4011 

6. Where can I find application deadlines?

The MSBA program follows the deadlines set by the university, which can be found here.

7. How do I apply?

Please go to and complete your application.

 8. Are there any other documents required by the program and the department?

The program does not require any other document besides those required by the university.

 9. Do I need to submit letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are optional. Each applicant is required to provide a list of three academic and/or professional references with their contact information in his/her online application.

10. Do I need to submit a resume?

Resumes are optional but recommended if an applicant has significant full-time work experience relevant to business analytics.

11. Will I be admitted if I meet the stipulated admission requirements?

Those admission requirements are minimum requirements. The admission to the MSBA program is highly competitive. It is highly unlikely that an applicant who just meets the minimum requirements will be admitted.

12. Can I transfer credits into the program?

Yes. Please talk to the program directors about transferring credits.

13. Are scholarships available for incoming students?

Currently, the program does not offer merit-based scholarships to incoming students. For general information on cost & financial aid, please visit here. For general information on graduate opportunities and financial resources, please visit here.

14. What are the courses offered by the MSBA program?

Please use the hyperlink to the list of MSBA program courses.

15. What is the admission rate for the MSBA program?

The admission rate is between 40% and 50%.

16. Is there an established internship program?

No, we do not have an established internship program. However, the College has the Office of Career & Professional Development to help our students in this regard.