Semester Roadmap

With built-in flexibility, the MS Business Analytics program is designed to meet the various needs of full time students, as well as working professionals. The roadmap below provides a 12-month plan for students who wish to graduate as soon as possible. Students who require a slower pace can adjust their plans accordingly. It is strongly recommended that students discuss their plan and schedule with a program advisor/director.

One-Year Roadmap


First Semester

BAN 601: Technology Fundamentals for Analytics

BAN 602: Quantitative Fundamentals for Analytics

BAN 610: Database Management and Applications

BAN 612: Data Analytics

Second Semester

BAN 620: Data Mining

BAN 622: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

BAN 630: Optimization Methods for Analytics

BAN 632: Big Data Technology and Applications

Third Semester

BAN 693: Business Analytics Capstone Project

Elective 1

Elective 2

Elective 3