Special Studies Option

The Special Studies Option (29 units) allows students to pursue special educational interests not met by any of the other undergraduate options through individualized curriculum. The major with this option totals 72-76 units.

Lower Division Requirements (5 units)

  • BIOL 2010 Human Physiology and Anatomy I (5)

Upper Division Requirements (20 units)

  • Students may design an individualized option consisting of a minimum of 20 units. Three courses must be taken from those listed for the Exercise Nutrition and Wellness Option, the Athletic Training Option, the Exercise Physiology Option, and/or the Physical Education Teaching Option. All Special Studies Option programs must receive approval from the department chair before coursework is initiated.
  • KPE 4030, 4031 Professional Field Experience (4)

Core Courses (46 units)

  • KPE 3300 Kinesiological Measurement (5)
  • KPE 3305 Structural Kinesiology (5)
  • KPE 3310 Biomechanics (5)
  • KPE 3320 Exercise Physiology (5)
  • KPE 3330 Sensorimotor Skill (5)
  • KPE 3700 History of Sport (4)
  • KPE 3740 Philosophy of Sport (4)
  • KPE 3750 Sport in Contemporary Society (4)
  • KPE 4340 Motor Development (4)
  • KPE 4410 Sport Psychology (5)

Performance Requirments (6-10 units)

The skill proficiency requirement for all major students in Kinesiology, regardless of option, ivolves satisfactory completion of one (1) activity course in each of five categories: Swimming, Combatives, Team Sports, Individual or Dual Sports, and Fitness Activities. Therefore, the student must have completed a minimum of five different activities. At least one intermediate and one advanced level activity course must be included. Courses satisfying the skill proficiency requirement must be taken in residence or as an upper division student.

Pre-Physical Therapy Option Advisors:

Dr. Penny McCullagh, Department Chair

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