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  • The California Speech-Language-Hearing Association awards one of its highest honors, the 2014 Public Service Award, to CSUEB's Aphasia Treatment Program (ATP) and the Yosemite National Park in April 2014, acknowledging the historic collaboration of ATP and the Yosemite National Park in producing the first-ever Aphasia Friendly Guides to Visiting Yosemite Park. To view the guide, go HERE
  • Ellen Bernstein-Ellis, the current director of our Aphasia Treatment Program, is recognized nationally at the 2014 Convention of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association with a Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Higher Education.
  • The National Stroke Association confers a 2013 RAISE award for being MOST CREATIVE in spreading the word about stroke to The National Park Services in Collaboration with CSUEB's Aphasia Treatment Program and the Yosemite Conservancy. Read more here.
  • CSUEB's College Link Program, supporting services for college students with autism, is included in a recent Autism Bay Area Magazine issue. You can read the article starting on page 18 here.
  • Campus-based pilot program providing autism intervention services for CSUEB students is launched. Read more here.
  • The Aphasia Treatment Program's Aphasia Tones choir receives a standing ovation at the plenary session of the 2012 Annual Convention of the California Speech Language Hearing Association in San Jose in March.
  • The CSD department and Speech Language and Hearing Clinic become one of the first institutional affiliates of the National Aphasia Association.
  • Cal State East Bay is ranked No. 1 for Asian American degree recipients in Communication Disorders Sciences by "Diverse: Issues in Higher Education". Read more about diversity at Cal State East Bay here.
  • Aphasia choir instructs, inspires students and singers. Read the whole story here.


  • Dr. Nidhi Mahendra is invited to the Communicative Sciences and Disorders department at Michigan State as part of their Herbert J. and E. Jane Oyer Lecture series.  Read more here.
  • Drs. Nidhi Mahendra and Shubha Kashinath are awarded a 3-year grant (2012-2015) from The California Wellness Foundation to recruit, retain, and mentor underrepresented minority students in speech language pathology. Read more here.
  • Dr. Nidhi Mahendra receives the Certificate of Recognition for Significant Contribution to Multicultural Affairs, by the American Speech Language Hearing Association.
  • Dr. Janet Patterson, former faculty member and current lecturer, receives the coveted honor of Fellow of the American Speech Language Hearing Association. See her name on the full list of ASHA Fellows here
  • Faculty member Dr. Nidhi Mahendra researches how technology can provide cognitive rehabilitation for those with Alzheimer's and memory loss . Read more here.
  • "Using the Internet Safely, part 2" is posted at the Aphasia Corner Bog. Read the follow-up post to Part 1 here.
  • The Aphasia Corner Blog posts "Using the Internet Safely, part 1" by Ellen Bernstein-Ellis, Sandy Glista, Glenn Goldblum, Janet Patterson and Robin Pollens. Read the post here.


  • Eight students are awarded research fellowships from the CSUEB Center for Student Research for 2013-2014: Hannah Dixon, Katharina Lawrence, Kate Murphy, Elyse Nishiki-Finley, April Nguyen, Aubrey Pearman, Brandee Prinze and Melissa Riley.
  • Students Natalie Sanford and Julianne Spicer are awarded Research Fellowships for the 2012-2013 academic year by the new CSUEB Center for Student Research, doing independent projects on aphasia and dementia.
  • CSD graduate students Laura Ludlow, Tamar Solomon, and Emily Dionne present at the 2012 Annual Convention of the American Speech Language Hearing Association in Atlanta in November.
  • Amanda Scullion receives the 2012 California Speech-Language-Hearing Association District 3 Outstanding Student award.


  • Alumni Matthew Guggemos ('07) is featured in the online ASHA Leader's series, "In the Limelight". Read more here.
  • Sue Graziano Adams ('90) is featured in Cal State East Bay Magazine's "The Food Issue". Read about her gourmet frozen food business for those with swallowing disorders here.
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