Public History Certificate

All CSUEB undergraduates have the option to complete a certificate in Public History.  The certificate is earned by taking a collection of courses, much like a minor, but the courses may overlap with your major requirements.  Below you will find the requirements for the undergraduate Public History Certificate (28 units). The History Department runs this certificate program, and faculty members are available to help you apply for the certificate, which you do around the same time you apply for graduation. 
Please contact the Public History Coordinator, Professor Linda Ivey, if you have any questions.

Core Courses(12)

  1. HIST 3503 History of the San Francisco Bay Area(4)
  2. HIST 4010 Internship in History* (4)
  3. HIST 4032 Introduction to Public History** (4)


  1. HIST 3500 California History or HIST 3511History of the American West(4)
  2. HIST 3505 California Environmental History, HIST 3535 American Indian History or HIST 3538 American Indians in the 20th Century (4)
  3. Skills Course in Community Studies or Landscape Studies (4), as recommended by the Public History and Internship Coordinator.
  4. Skills Course in Practical Application (4), as recommended by the Public History and Internship Coordinator.

* Internships may be arranged, and must be approved, by the Coordinator of Public History.
** HIST 4032 has prerequisites: HIST 2010 and HIST 3010

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