The Department of History
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We offer accessible and affordable degree programs for students seeking a caring community dedicated to studying the past. Cal State East Bay History majors enjoy small classes, individualized advising, and dedicated support in completing their BA and MA degrees. Importantly, we center career and graduate school planning in students’ coursework. History faculty at Cal State East Bay are committed teachers and mentors, encouraging their students to chart their own paths and tell new histories.

If you wish to study the past in order to change our present, or just love studying the past for its own sake, we invite you to apply to our program for either the Fall or Spring semesters. We are committed to helping you earn the bachelor’s degree in either four years (if a freshman) or four semesters (if a transfer student) and moving swiftly into a wide range of careers and advanced degree programs.

In 2020, Dr. Andrew Wiese, Professor of History at San Diego State University, and External Reviewer for our most recent program evaluation, observed that Cal State East Bay's Department of History "exemplifies the best traditions of research, teaching, and community service of the California State University."

Featured course: PROJECT UKRAINE

ukrainetrain.jpegEach year the department’s Warfare, Genocide, Terrorism: Violence and Globalization since 1914 undertakes a digital or public history project related to one of the case studies from the course. The current war in Ukraine is a shocking reminder of the continued relevance of 20th century history and the ability of political violence to shift the world order quickly and permanently.

Our Spring 2023 students are collaborating to craft a single timeline of key events as they happen, distilling what can feel like a barrage of news coverage into carefully curated snapshots of history in the making. Each student chose a point of view from which to follow the news: Ukrainian civilians, refugees, Russians back home trying to understand what’s going on, Ukrainian soldiers, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States, or NATO. At the same time, students receive short lectures clarifying key aspects of Ukraine’s history and relationship to its neighbors.

Stay tuned for more!


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