Guidelines For Public History Project

MA in History, Public History Option

MA Students choosing the Public History option need to complete a Public History project as their capstone requirement.This project must show evidence of research and analysis, similar to the university thesis option, but will be centered around a public history topic or product.

The final project with include:

  1. The historical context of the topic, including an overview of the topic (25-30 pgs)
  2. A discussion of pertinent historiography (6-8 pgs)
  3. Discussion of trends in public history pertaining to the project (4-5 pgs)
  4. Complete bibliography
  5. The project itself

The exact nature of the project will be negotiated with thestudent's advisor and the public history coordinator, and approved by the graduate coordinator.Projects may include, but are not limited to: plans for museum exhibitions, or public historical exhibitions; publications about public historical topics, written for a general audience; plans for a public project, including oral history, archival organization, cultural resource management.

Students completing the MA Project for the Public HistoryOption will register for HIST 6901.

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