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G. T. Reyes, Ph.D. Faculty Profile

Photo of G. Reyes

G.  T.  Reyes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Educational Leadership

Settling on Huichin Oholone ancestral land, aka East Oakland, Dr. G.T. Reyes is a community-engaged scholar-artist-organizer.  His work is grounded in the empowerment of young folks, teachers, school leaders, and cultural workers to value their ancestral traditions while radically imagining and building capacity to transform their own realities. As an Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership for Social Justice program at California State University, East Bay, he is an active part of cultivating a department and program that has liberatory potential and power.  His approaches to educational leadership and critical research are rooted in critical & socio-cultural traditions that decenter whiteness and coloniality.

He has worked as a teacher and school leader in K-12 schooling, as an educator and organizational leader in youth development, and as a teacher education and teacher development scholar in higher education.  Some of his work as a public intellectual and community-engaged scholar investigates Critical, Humanizing, Culturally, and Politically Determined pedagogies and teacher development; Principled, socioculturally-grounded, values-centered, higher purpose-driven educational leadership and organizational development; Participatory Action Research and problem of practice inquiry; Art, digital media, and Hip Hop as critical race counter-storytelling; Critical, anti-oppressive, and humanizing frameworks of social and emotional learning; and English Language Arts as liberatory education. 

In addition to his work at Cal State East Bay, he is a founding school designer for the forthcoming Homies Empowerment Community High School, which aims to welcome "home" formerly incarcerated, gang-impacted/involved, and school-marginalized youth toward a vision of emancipation and self-determination.  He completed his Post Doctoral Fellowship from Stanford University and his Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, Society, and Culture in Education at the University of California at Berkeley.  

  • Ph.D. Language, Literacy, Society, & Culture in Education
Spring Semester 2019
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampusTextbook Info
EDLD 61004Transforming Prof LearningTU4:30PM8:15PMAE-0253Hayward Campus View Books
EDLD 69604FieldworkARRARRHayward Campus View Books
EDLD 69704Issues in EDLDARRWEB-ONLINEOnline Campus View Books
EDLD 73001Comm Advocacy, Outreach & OrgTH6:00PM9:00PMAE-0123Hayward Campus View Books


Reyes, G. (2003). Finding the Poetic High: A guide for educators to start & sustain a community based after school spoken word poetry program. San Francisco: Institute of Social Justice and Education.


Journal Articles

Reyes, G.T., & Zermeño, B.P. (2018). Of course she will learn: A cultural pedagogy in bilingual transitional kindergarten with newcomer students. Multicultural Education.  Spring/Summer 2018.


Reyes, G.T. (2017). You ain’t alone in this: Critical sense making and the process of becoming. Storytelling, Self, & Society13(2), 223-248.


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Reyes, G. (2006). Shots fired In Oakland: Using hip hop to cultivate intellectual culture producers. California English. November 2006.


Book Chapters

Reyes, G. (2013). It is NOT what it is: A multidisciplinary approach to critical pedagogy, cultural production, and youth development in the Youth Roots program. In Chappell, S. V. & Faltis, C. J. (Eds.), The arts and emergent bilingual youth: Building critical, creative programs in school and community contexts. New York: Taylor and Francis.


Web-Based Publications

Reyes, G. (2015). Examining high leverage instructional practices that support equitable use of performance assessment at Summit Public Schools.  Stanford, CA: Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity.


Reyes, G.T. (2018). Getting lit(erate), getting woke, getting dangerous: Practices of disruption and reimagination. Plenary keynote presented at Leading Educators Institute, New Orleans, LA.


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Reyes, G.T., & Lee, C (2018). Reclaiming humanity: A pedagogy of disruption and healing for teacher education and educational leadership.  Symposium panel paper presented at California Chapter – National Association for Multicultural Education, San Francisco, CA.


Reyes, G.T. (2018). Re-education of the Filipino: Getting woke, getting lit(erate), getting dangerous.  Symposium panel paper presented at Association of Asian American Studies, San Francisco, CA.


Reyes, G.T. (2018). You ain't alone in this: Critical sense making counterstories of radical healing and transformational consciousness.  Symposium panel paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY.


Reyes, G.T. (2017). Get woke, get lit(erate), get dangerous: Towards a critical, humanizing, & community-centered framework of school climate and culture.  Plenary keynote presented at the Des Moines Public Schools Summit on School Climate and Culture, Des Moines, IA.


Reyes, G.T. (2017).  Make it One Hunit: Get woke, get lit(erate), get dangerous.  Plenary keynote presented at the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color Annual Gathering, Austin, TX.


Reyes, G.T. (2017).  Get dangerous: Towards the politically determined school. Symposium panel paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.


Reyes, G.T. (2016). It’s not whatever: Dangerous teacher development towards the “Politically Determined Pedagogue.”  Symposium panel paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.


Reyes, G.T. (2015).  It’s not whatever:  Dangerous culturally responsive teacher development because our lives depend on it.  Symposium panel paper presented at the 36th Annual Ethnography in Education Forum, Philadelphia, PA. 


Reyes, G.T. (2013).  It is not what it is:  Fighting oppression by any medium necessary.  Keynote presented at the Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) CIG Pre-conference meeting of the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.


Reyes, G.T. (2012). By any medium necessary:  Flippin’ the script to cultivate the public artivist.  Symposium panel paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Reyes, G.T. (2010).  Digging deep to reach out: Youth roots critical youth cultivation.  Symposium panel paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

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