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Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

(510) 885-3438
NSc 350 & N253
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I am a Professor of Geology in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  I have taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in Geology and Environmental Science. My advanced courses focus on Petrology, Geochemistry and Planetary Science.

Professional Focus

My primary area of expertise is in experimental geochemistry.  My current research project involves measuring the partial molal volumes of aqueous organic mixtures at high temperatures and pressures. These experimentally determined data can be used to help develop and refine estimates of the thermodynamic properties of organic compounds for which measurements are not available. Ultimately, this research has applications to developing a more accurate geochemical model for the origin of life on Earth in extreme environments such as hydrothermal vents (black smokers) and solar system bodies such as Mars and Europa.

Most of my professional activity, since coming to CSUEB, has been in science education. I am currently involved in two major science education projects: the East Bay Science Project and the Integrated Middle School Science (IMSS) Partnership.  Both projects provide services to schools and districts in the San Francisco Bay area seeking to strengthen their science programs and science instruction consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards.  Our projects have established partnerships between CSUEB, the Alameda County Office of Education, teachers and administrators in nine school districts in four counties  in the Bay Area and other community partners.  The EBSP has been continuously funded by the California Science Project (administered by the University of California Office of the President) since 1999. The IMSS Partnership is funded by the National Science Foundation's Math Science Partnership Program for $12 million over 5 years.


  • Ph.D., Geosciences, Virginia Polytechnice Institute and State University
  • A.M., Earth & Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis
  • A.M., Earth & Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis


Not teaching this quarter.

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