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Being A Science Guide

The HOST Labs offer a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to have a hands-on teaching experience with middle school students. Students enroll in a 2 unit lab/lecture course to participate in this program. This course is specifically designed for anyone who may have an interest in pursuing a teaching career one day -- either a multiple subjects or single subject science credential. All of the classes are designed with the intention of deepening your own scientific understanding while practicing effective, hands-on science teaching practices.

Your role will be that of a "science guide". You will be responsible for becoming an expert in a specific concept and man one of several science stations. As students rotate through your station, you will encourage all of the students at your station to engage in the activity, make predictions and test their ideas using the materials provided. Through this process you will gain valuable experience working directly with middle school students and learning effective science teaching practices.


HOST Lab and Lecture Courses

The HOST labs are run as a 2 unit course divided into lecture and lab sections. In order to participate in the HOST Labs you will need to register for the class that is being offfered that quarter. (See calendar below)


Lab Section

(1 unit, Tuesdays 9:20 – 11:50 am; subject to change based on quarter)

The lab section is when you will be given the opportunity to work directly with middle school students. During the quarter, we will cover three different themes and have a new round of activities to learn ... and teach! For each new theme, there will be a week of preparation in lab to help you become an expert "science guide". You will learn the foundational concepts, practice the demonstration, and work with other undergraduates to refine your presentation and teaching styles. Then, the following 2 weeks will be when you teach your activity to visiting middle school students as they rotate through the different stations.


Lecture Section

(1 unit, Thursdays 11:00 – 11:50 am; subject to change based on quarter)

The 1-hour lecture provides time to review the content and discuss problems that came up. Outside of class, you will be required to complete journal prompts that help you reflect on the teaching process.


Other Requirements

Since you will be working with middle school students, you will be required to get a TB test and LiveScan fingerprinting within the first two weeks of school. These services are provided on campus, and all fees will be waived. More detailed information will be provided at the first class meeting.

The HOST lab is a new program, and we need to monitor its effectiveness and look for areas of improvement. You will have the option of participating in a research study by allowing us to use your classwork as part of the data we collect. If you choose to do so, you will be required to sign a consent form.


Academic Credit

You can earn credit towards the General Education B6 requirement. In order to meet the full requirement of 4 units, you would need to enroll in two quarters of the HOST lab program.


Year-long HOST Calendar

The intention is to offer HOST labs in each of the following disciplines over the next year.


Science Discipline


Physics (PHYS 3080)

Fall 2016

Earth Sciences (GEOL 3080)

Winter 2017

Biology (BIOL 3080)

Spring 2017

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