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Quality Assurance Training and Course Certification

In an effort to continuously enhance Online and Hybrid courses at CSUEB, Office of Academic Affairs and Online Campus provides a 3-year Online & Hybrid Course Quality Transformation Grants for faculty who teach Online or Hybrid Courses. Faculty can take training courses through Quality Matters (QM) or Quality Online Learning & Teaching (QOLT), work with Online Campus Curriculum Support Specialist / Instructional Designer, request peer-review of their Online or Hybrid courses, and be certified by QM or QOLT as Quality Online Course. For general inquiries, and questions about the Quality Assurance, Faculty Training, and Course Certification program, please contact the Online Campus: or call 510-885-2100.

Certified Quality Online Courses (QM/QOLT)

Course Title Faculty Instructional
1 TED5110 Computer-Based Technologies in the Classroom (09/2013/QOLT) Li-Ling Chen NA
2 EDUI6110 Web as an Interactive Educational Tool (09/2014/Hybrid/QOLT) Li-Ling Chen NA
3 HIST1016 World Civilizations III (09/18/2015/ QOLT) Kevin Kaatz NA
4 MGMT3645 Global Supply Chain Management (10/22/2015/QM) Chongqi Wu

Rebecca Farivar
5 ANTH3000 Anthropology in the Modern World (10/28/2015/QM) Andrew Wong Rebecca Farivar
6 HDEV4110 Child Cognitive Development (11/02/2015/QM) Sara Smith Rebecca Farivar
7 MLL3831 Experiencing Japanese Culture (11/20/2015/QM) Meiling Wu Rebecca Farivar
8 FIN3300 Financial Management (12/01/2015/QM) Fung-Shine Pan Rebecca Farivar
9 FIN3300 Financial Management (12/02/2015/QM) Tammie Mosley Rebecca Farivar
10 POSC3290 Comparative Law (12/01/2015/Hybrid/QM) David Baggins Rebecca Farivar
11 ACCT2251 Introduction to Financial Accounting (12/04/2015/QM) Chinglih Jan Rebecca Farivar
12 EDLD8084 Applied Research Methods (12/10/2015/Hybrid/QM) Katie Strom Rebecca Farivar
13 OTL6701 Intro to Online Teaching & Learning (12/21/2015 / QM) Anne Guptill Meg Taggart
14 REC4605 Recreation Therapy Diagnostic Groupings (01/08/2016/ QM) Erick Kong Bernie Salvador
15 TED5301 Psychological Foundations in Middle and Secondary School Education (01/10/2016/QM) Jim Mitchell Rebecca Farivar
16 MLL1604 Intensive Mandarin (01/22/2016/QM) Huitzu Lu Rebecca Farivar
17 EDUI6110 Web as an Interactive Educational Tool (02/2016/QM) Li-Ling Chen Megan Mulholland
18 HDEV4120 Child Language Development (03/2016/QM) Sara Smith Rebecca Farivar
19 HIST3322 Early Japan (03/2016/QM) Nancy Park Rebecca Farivar
20 ACCT2251 Intro to Financial Accounting (03/2016/QM) Ying Guo Meg Taggart
21 EDLD8000 Values and Purposes of Educational Leadership (03/2016/QM) Bobbie Plough Rebecca Farivar
22 POSC3703 American Political Thought (03/2016/QM) David Baggins Rebecca Farivar
23 ANTH3800 Language and Culture (03/2016/QM) Andrew Wong Rebecca Farivar
24 MGMT3650 Business & Professional Ethics (04/2016/QM) Stephanie Seitz Meg Taggart
25 HIST3325 Postwar Japan, 1945-Present (04/2016/QM) Nancy Park Megan Mulholland
26 OTL6703 Technology Tools for Online Instruction (05/2016/QM) Patricia Schodowski Meg Taggart
27 OTL6702 Teaching Models for Online Instruction (05/2016/QM) Jodi Servatius Megan Mulholland
28 MLL3611 New Chinese Cinema (in English) (05/2016/QM) Meiling Wu Meg Taggart
29 MLL2802 Intermediate Japanese II (06/2016/QM) Shiori Hoke Megan Mulholland
30 MGMT3620 Operations Management (06/2016/QM) Zinovy Radovilsky Meg Taggart
31 HIST1014 World Civilization I (06/2016/QOLT) Kevin Kaatz NA
32 EDLD8086 Dissertation Seminar (11/2016/QM) Kathryn Strom Monica Munoz
33 HDEV3101 Lifespan Physical and Cognitive Development (01/2017/QM) Jiansheng Guo Monica Munoz
34 REC3800 Introduction to Recreation Therapy (02/2017/QM) Erick Kong Bernie Salvador
35 ITM3060 Information Technology Management (03/2017/QM) Roger Wen Cheryl Saelee
36 FIN4310 Investment Analysis (03/2017/QM) Eric Fricke  Meg Taggart
37 FIN4410 Finance Real Estate Operations (03/2017/QM) Tammie Mosley Monica Munoz
38 OTL6707 History and Culture of Online Communities (04/2017/QM) Datta Kaur Meg Taggart

Certified QM Master Reviewers

Kevin Kaatz Roger Wen Andrew Wong

Certified QM APPQMR Facilitators

Sara Smith Erick Kong Bernie Salvador
Monica Munoz Meg Taggart Cheryl Saelee

Certified QM Peer Reviewers

Anne Guptill* Roger Wen Kevin Kaatz
Andrew Wong Vish Hegde James Mitchell
Chinglih Jan Erick Kong Li-Ling Chen
Sara Smith* Chris Chamberlain* Stephanie Alexander*
Jiansheng Guo Matthew Moore Georgie Ziff
Bill Hopkinson Michael Lee Asha Rao
Zinovy Radovilsky Michael Greathouse Michelle Rippy 
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