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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


The mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is to create and support a campus culture that promotes the research enterprise.  ORSP assists the campus community to apply for and secure external funds in support of research, scholarship, and creative activities. The office provides guidance, information, and technical assistance to faculty engaged in externally funded research, instruction, community service and other scholarly activity. In accomplishing this mission, ORSP ensures accountability, compliance and stewardship for sponsored programs as directed by the values of our campus and by all applicable Federal, State, and University policies, procedures and regulations. 

 Please view our calendar of events at the bottom of this page.  

News and Updates

Faculty Support Grants

ORSP will be releasing a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for faculty support grants in January, 2019.  The funding period for the new awards is July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020.  Please check back for more information when the RFP is released.  When available, the complete RFP and the proposal template will be available on our InfoReady website. 

Partial Federal Government Shutdown

The United States Congress has failed to pass a temporary or permanent federal budget measure for the following departments: State, Justice, Transportation, Agriculture and Interior.  These departments include sponsors for grants including the National Science Foundation and NASA.  Agencies have provided general instructions that work may continue to to the extent that doing so will not require federal staff intervention and that funds have been previously made available.  For example, the National Science Foundation has information about the government shutdown for proposers and grantees. During the shutdown, proposals for opportunities will still be accepted via their online submission systems, however, review and awards will be deferred until normal operations resume.  

Recent Policy Changes

Harassment: National Science Foundation has released its Federal Register notice on Reporting Requirements Regarding Findings of SexualHarassment, Other Forms of Harassment, or Sexual AssaultNSF has developed a new award term and condition that will require grantee organizations to report findings of sexual harassment, or any other kind of harassment regarding a PI or co/PI or any other grant personnel. The award term and condition also will require the grantee to report the placement of the PI or co-PI on administrative leave relating to a harassment finding or investigation."


Data Sharing: Investigators are expected to share with other researchers, at no more than incremental cost and within a reasonable time, the primary data, samples, physical collections and other supporting materials created or gathered in the course of work.


IRB: Common Rule: Institutions are allowed to employ three provisions from the revised Common Rule (2018 requirements) (HHS 2018b).

  • New definition of “research” 
  • Elimination of continuing review requirement for no more than minimal risk research 
  • Elimination of IRB requirement to review grant applications

Institutions that transition ongoing research studies to the 2018 requirements during the delay period must document and date their determination (HHS 2018b). The research that is transitioned must also fully comply with all of the 2018 requirements beginning on the general compliance date (21 January 2019). 

The revised Common Rule requires that for any clinical trial conducted or supported by a Common Rule department or agency, one consent form be posted on a publicly available federal website within a specific time frame.  The consent form must have been used in enrolling participants in order to satisfy this new provision. 

At this time, two publicly available federal websites that will satisfy the consent form posting requirement, as required by the revised Common Rule, have been identified: and a docket folder on (Docket ID: HHS-OPHS-2018-0021).  Additional federal websites that would satisfy the revised Common Rule’s clinical trial consent form posting requirement might be identified in the future.




CSU STEM NET Live Webcast

The CSU is launching a new affinity group known as the CSU STEM Network (STEM NET) dedicated to creating high quality STEM programs for CSU students, strengthen the teacher preparation educational pipeline and advance cutting-edge research discoveries within a collaborative and cross-disciplinary community. This systemwide initiative has been championed by our own President Morishita. There will be a live webcast on Friday Feb. 1, 9:00-noon. ORSP will host the live broadcast on a large screen in SF 328. Please stop by to catch the webcast with us and find out about this exciting opportunity. Chancellor White and President Morishita will speak in the opening round of the webcast.


Research Speed Dating

Please join us for a faculty networking activity called “Research Speed Dating.” During this fast-paced event, faculty will have an opportunity to network and learn about your colleagues’ research. Similar to speed dating, you will share a 3-minute “elevator speech” with one another as you rotate around the room. The event will end with a networking luncheon. All that you need to participate is a short elevator speech about your research activity and your curiosity about what your colleagues are doing. This event will be located in the Library Biella Room, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.


Principal Investigators' Meeting

The Principal Investigators' meeting is an opportunity to learn more about updates from ORSP regarding grant management and compliance. The meeting also includes an open forum for questions or concerns. All are welcome and you do not need to be an active PI to attend. The meeting will be in SF 302, noon-2:00 pm.

ORSP Calendar of Events

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