Campus Safety

The University Police Department is a professionally trained police department with the primary responsibility for public safety on the Hayward and Concord Campuses and one mile beyond its borders.

Safety & Security services may be obtained 24 hours daily, 7 days a week by contacting our office at the Library Room 1063, by calling (510) 885-3791 (business) or 9-1-1 (emergency) from any telephone,  or via email at, or connecting directly using blue light call boxes from the parking lots or public areas. Blue light call boxes have telephones that directly connect to the University Police Department. The Police Department provides the following services to increase the personal safety of our community.

  • Lost and Found
  • Crime Prevention
  • Building Access
  • Community Oriented Policing
  • Safety Escort
  • Vehicle Lockout
  • Event Planning
  • Critical Response Unit
  • Fingerprinting
  • Battery Failure
  • DataDot Tracking

Emergency Call:        9-1-1

Non-Emergency Call:  (510) 885-3791 or ext 53791 from Campus Phones

Safety Escorts

Students may request an escort for your safety while walking at night on campus. Simply visit or call the University Police Department, and a member of the Department will be sent to safely escort you to your destination on campus. Call from the courtesy phones in the buildings, pay phones, dorm rooms, or call boxes in the parking lots.  Call (510) 885-3791.

Parking and Alternative Transportation Information

For parking information, please visit the University Parking Service Web site.

For alternative transportation information, please visit the Alternative Transportation Web site.

Useful Links:

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Emergency Guidelines for Campus Community

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