Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply for admission?
Filing periods are based on the quarter you wish to enter the university. For more information see Deadlines for Application. Allow 8 to 12 weeks for your application to be processed.

What are the steps in the admission process?
First apply online at Cal State Apply. See How to Apply for instructions on applying to Cal State East Bay. Please note that paper applications are no longer accepted.

After you receive your admission decision, it is important that you refer to your admitted student packet for all deadlines that students must meet to maintain their admission status, and for helpful information that is meant to assist you through the admission process.

Where do I send my transcripts and test scores?

See Document Submission for information about transcripts and test scores.

What is the estimated cost of attendance including books, supplies, housing, meals and other expenses?
Refer to Tuition and Fees for estimated cost information.

How long does it take to be admitted and how will I be notified?
Allow 8 to 12 weeks for the processing of your completed application. You will then receive a decision letter by mail. You can Check your Status of your application in MyCSUEB.

When can I expect to receive my NetID?
NetIDs are sent by mail upon receipt of your application. If you have questions about your NetID, see Activate Your NetID.

Do I meet the requirements for admission?
Check How to Apply to find the requirements for admission for your program.

How can I get admission counseling prior to becoming a student?
Call to make a pre-admission counseling appointment at the Welcome Center (510) 885-2556 or e-mail To make a pre-admission counseling appointment at the Concord Campus, call the Academic Services Center at (925) 602-6700.

What are GE (General Education) requirements?
General Education requirements are courses students must complete to move to junior class standing. See Upper Division Transfer for an explanation of GE requirements that must be completed prior to enrollment.

Will my previous college credits transfer?
See Transferring Credits for information about transferring credits.

Do you accept international students; what is the definition of an international student?
See International Admission for information about international students.

Are you a Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) school?
Yes, Cal State East Bay is a WUE school, which permits students of participating western states to save on tuition. See Western Undergraduate Exchange Program for details.

Do you have online courses or programs for working adults?
Yes, Cal State East Bay has many programs and courses for working adults including Continuing Education and professional development, online courses, and Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE).

Can I take a class without enrolling in the University?
Yes, courses can be taken without enrolling through the Open University.

Where can I find out about disability accommodations?
Visit the Accessibility Services web site for information regarding accommodations and support services for students with disabilities.

What is conditional admission?
Conditional admission means your admission is based on the information you self-report on your application. Cal State East Bay reserves the right to cancel your admission for any of the following reasons: the class/grade information on your application form does not match your transcript, your planned courses are not completed, you do not maintain your self-reported GPA, or you do not submit documents by the required deadines.

Which programs or majors are impacted at Cal State East Bay?
The impacted major at Cal State East Bay is Nursing. This major requires a supplemental application for admission.

Which programs require supplemental applications for admission?
The majors, degree and support programs that require supplemental applications for admission can be found on the Application and Document Deadline web page.

I've been accepted for the Fall Quarter, can I change my admission to another quarter?
Cal State East Bay's application for admission applies only to the term of entry indicated on the application form at the time of submission. If you would like to update the term of entry on your application, simply log back into your saved application stored in Cal State Apply, update your desired term of entry, confirm that your address and previously attended institutions are still current, and submit the form with your application fee online. Cal State East Bay will then notify you upon receipt of your updated application with a letter by postal mail. Please note: Freshman applications are only accepted in the Fall Quarter.

Do you accept second baccalaureate students and what are the requirements?
At this time, Cal State East Bay only accepts applications for second baccalaureate students interested in pursuing Nursing, Health Science, or the online Business Administration degree completion program administered through the University Extension. Visit the Second Bachelor's Degree admission page for information about admission requirements.

How do I apply for a teaching credential?
See Credential Program Applicants in the How to Apply section.

Do you accept undeclared students?
Yes, Cal State East Bay accepts undeclared students. You are encouraged to declare a major no later than your junior year for the timely completion of your degree.

Why have I been determined to be a non-resident?
Residency is determined on an individual basis and the documents you submit. Please contact your residency specialist at for more information.

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