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Career Relevant Skills Psychology Majors Can Acquire

To prepare a resume you need a list of your skills. Which of these do you have? Which will you acquire?

  • Approach problems from multiple perspectives
  • Critically evaluate evidence
  • Notice recurrent patterns and extract general principles without getting bogged down in detail
  • Choose approaches to problems and solutions pragmatically
  • Write concisely within a predetermined format
  • Interpret data summaries and probability statements
  • Select, learn, and use appropriate computer applications for different tasks
  • Find information using library collections, journals, and data bases
  • Gather systematic data
  • Operationalize complex concepts
  • Read difficult material with a high level of comprehension
  • Apply theories and methods to solve real-world problems
  • Notice and evaluate environmental factors such as job demands, work setting, and opportunities for habit formation
  • Notice and evaluate potential sources of human conflict
  • Notice and evaluate signs of mental illness, substance abuse, etc.
  • Notice and evaluate social behaviors such as nonverbal signaling and social appropriateness
  • Apply empirically based principles of training and discipline
  • Design research projects
  • Conduct research projects
  • Perform statistical analyses
  • Design questionnaires, surveys, and tests
  • Conduct interviews
  • Systematically observe and record behavior
  • Perform job analyses
  • Code data
  • Administer standardized tests
  • Work effectively with team members
  • Speak effectively in group settings
  • Work hard
  • Manage time effectively
  • Be reliable
  • Know one's own skills
  • Market oneself effectively
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