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Anthropology, Geography & Environmental Studies

Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Studies



Fire Ecology and Management

GEOG 397: Issues in Anthropology, Geography & Environmental Studies

Prof. Tony Marks-Block

Mondays 12:30PM - 3:15PM

On campus

In the past four years, wildfire has engulfed California in unprecedented ways: destroying homes, taking lives, and toxifying the air.  Yet, fire is inextricable from humanity and is used to manage land and enhance cultural resources and ecosystems worldwide.  In this course, we will investigate human-fire relationships and learn field methods for studying fire ecology with the aim to improve fire management and policy in California and beyond. 

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In 2021 - 2022, GEOG - 397 will count toward the degree in all three AGES programs  


 Anthropology: As a substitute for ANTH 320 or ANTH 430 or ANTH 431 

Geography: In either the Resource and Sustainability or the Spatial Techniques Concentration

Environmental Studies: As a substitute for ENVT 447

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