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Anthropology, Geography & Environmental Studies

Anthropology, Geography and Environmental Studies



Dr. Antonio Roman-Alcalá Joins Cal State East Bay AGES

His courses for Fall 2022

GEOG 330-01 Environment, Sustainability, and Social Justice

GEOG 455-01 Sustainable Food Systems


Dr. Antonio Roman-Alcalá (he/him) is an educator, researcher, writer, and organizer based in Berkeley, California who has worked for just and sustainable food systems for the past 18 years. Antonio co-founded San Francisco’s Alemany Farm, the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance, and the California Food Policy Council, and his 2010 documentary film, In Search of Good Food, can be viewed free online. He holds advanced degrees from UC Berkeley and the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, and has published everything from peer-reviewed and popular articles, to comic books and homemade fanzines. Antonio is a musician who has recorded dozens of albums, and a father who loves bike rides and rock climbing with the kiddo. He currently organizes food scholars through the international Agroecology Research-Action Collective (ARC), consults with the Urban Permaculture Institute (UPI), and is an advisor to various initiatives working towards land access for young farmers, agroecological science, and community-based research. He is also in search of new land to farm – a tough prospect in the urbanized and gentrified San Francisco Bay Area!


Dr. Roman-Alcalá's research has grown out of his longtime involvement in social movements for more sustainable and socially just food systems. He has created urban farms, political coalitions, and documentary films, and has helped shape food and farm policy at the local and statewide levels. He has also worked on issues of agroecology and development internationally.  His research focuses (practically) on working across intersectional differences among food movements in California, and (theoretically) on the political theory of food sovereignty. He loves connecting students with community-based organizations while building alignment across research, practice, and policy. At AGES, he will be engaging students in classes on food systems, global development, environment and political-economy, and utilizing participatory, community-based research methods.



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Anthropology, Geography, and Environmental Studies
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