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Marjorie Rhodes-Ousley – Museum of Anthropology


Regular Faculty


Karina Garbesi – Professor Emerita & Director, Environmental Studies Program

Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley (Energy and Resources Group)

Interests: energy, environment, society, sustainability, security. Social impact solar

Courses: Energy & Society, Environmental Resource Analysis, Solar Design, Sustainability and Social Justice


Albert Gonzalez – Associate Professor & Director, C.E. Smith Museum of Anthropology

Ph.D., Southern Methodist University (Anthropology)

Interests: historical, contemporary, and experimental archaeology, historical anthropology, Latinx and Native American studies

Courses:  Intro Archaeology, Museum Studies in Anthropology, Advanced Anthropological Theory, Field Archaeology


David Larson  Professor Emeritus & NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative

Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley (Geography)

Interests: historical geography, environmental history, environmental impacts, water, American West

Courses: Literature & Research Methods, Environmental Projects, Historical Geography of North America


Michael Lee – Professor and Chair 

Ph.D., London School of Economics (Geography)

Interests: water, food, aquaculture, development, sustainability

Courses: Sustainable Food Systems, Water and Watershed Resources, Sustainable Communities & Development, Senior Seminar


Tony Marks-Block – Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Stanford (Anthropology)

Interests: ecological anthropology, indigenous sovereignty, political ecology of land management, environmental justice

Courses: Anthropology of Global Change, Anthropology in Action, Social Anthropology, Environment, Sustainability, and Social Justice


Andrew Wong – Professor & Director, Global Studies Program

Ph.D. Stanford (Anthropology)

Interests: sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, language ideology, language and sexuality, China

Courses: Language and Culture, Anthropology of Global Change, Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice, China


David Woo – Associate Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., U.C. Santa Barbara (Geography)

Interests: cartography, remote sensing, aerial photography, Asian American demography, Asia

Courses: Computer Cartography, Air-Photo Interpretation, Remote Sensing of the Environment, China




Alan Almquist (Professor Emeritus)

Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley (Anthropology)

Interests: human evolution, the human fossil record, primate social behavior

Courses: Evolutionary Biology of Humans, Human Fossil Record, Primate Behavioral Ecology, Human Sexuality


Sharla Blank

Ph.D., U.C. San Diego (Sociocultural Anthropology)

Interests: social anthropology, psychological anthropology, human sexuality

Courses: Human Sexuality: Anthropological Perspectives, Social Anthropology


Nicole Buyagawan

M.A. Cal State East Bay (Anthropology)

Interests: cultural anthropology, international studies, U.S. culture in global perspective

Course: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


Daniel Cusimano

M.A. Cal State East Bay (Anthropology)

Interests: biological anthropology, paleontology, the human and animal fossil record

Courses: Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Human Forensic Osteology


Kelly Decker

Ph.D., Ohio State University (Ecology)

Interests: soil microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, ecosystems

Course: Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century


Elena Givental

Ph.D., U.C. Davis (Geography)

Interests: physical geography, climate change, water resources, economic geography, Asia

Courses: Climate Change, Water and Watershed Resources, California, World Regions and Development


Brian Gleeson

M.A., San Francisco State University (Anthropology)

Interests: California and North American Indians, indigenous peoples, ethnohistory

Course: Indians of California


Lisa Handwerker

Ph.D., UC San Francisco (Medical Anthropology)

MPH, UC Berkeley (Masters in Public Health)

Interests: cross-cultural health, gender, medical reproductive technologies, ethics, modern China

Courses: Medical Anthropology, Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Anthropology of Global Change


Catherine King

Ph.D., The Graduate Center, City University of New York (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Interests: environmental sustainability, environmental health, sustainable human rights

Course: Sustainable Communities and Development


Adrian Taylor

Ph.D., Howard University (African Studies)

Interests: Africana studies, global human security, international relations

Course: Africa


Priyanka Vyas

Ph.D. The University of Texas, Dallas (Public Policy and Political Economy)

Interests: GIS and urban health, spatial approaches to public health and policy planning, spatial equity

Courses: Fundamentals of G.I.S., Advanced G.I.S.


Ellen Woodard

Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley (Wildland Resource Science)

Interests: natural resource management, field methods, biogeography, wildlife conservation strategies

Courses: Applied Field Studies, Environmental Impact Analysis, Energy & Society, California