Assurance of Learning (AOL)

This website provides information about the College of Business & Economics’ Assurance of Learning (AOL) system. Our AOL system consists of how our two undergraduate and four graduate degree programs are evaluated for student proficiencies of learning outcomes. Intertwined with AOL is curriculum management. Curricula are impacted in various ways through assessment and review of assessment results, which drive action items aimed at continuous improvement.

This website has been developed for multiple audiences, such as faculty, administrators, and students. See below for the examples of questions each audience might ask and where they might find the answers in the suggested sections indicated in parentheses.


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  • “I’ve been told my course has been selected for program assessment, what is that and what do I do?” (Step 1)
  • “What is my role as a faculty?” (Step 1)
  • “How is data reviewed and what happens after?” (Step 1 & 4)
  • “Where can I find results of completed assessments in my program?” (Step 3)
  • “What are action items that have been taken to address closing the loop in my program?” (Step 4)
  • “When is the next assessment in my program and which courses are affected?” (Step 2)
  • “What are the main things I should be learning from my program?” (Step 2)
  • “How has my program performed when it comes to these listed skills and knowledge areas?” (Step 3)
  • “What has my program done to improve areas where students have been found to be weak?” (Step 4)
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STEP 3: Assessment Results

STEP 4: "Closing the Loop" (Improvement)

Assurance of Learning (AOL)
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  • Phone: (510) 885-3000