Bay Area Substance Abuse Resources - San Francisco County

Services and Contact Information
AA - Alcoholics Anonymous (415) 674-1821 Adults A program for alcoholics to help each other recover from the disease of alcoholism.
AARS Comprehensive Outreach Project for Pacific Islanders & Asian Substance Abuse COPPASA (415) 541-9404 Website Adults (especially Asian population) Provides culturally sensitive support, case management, assessment, information, referral, and advocacy for substance abuse issues. Services offered in multiple languages.
AARS –Lee Woodward Counseling Center (415) 776-1001 Website Women (especially Asian population) Outpatient substance abuse services for women. Services offered in multiple languages.
AARS -Project Adapt (415) 750-5125 Website Adults (especially Asian population) ADAPT is a comprehensive multi-cultural and multi-lingual adult outpatient program that integrates intensive Substance Abuse treatment and Mental Health services. Services offered in multiple languages.
Asian American Recovery Services - COPASSA (415) 541-9404 Website Adults (especially Asian population) Prevention screening. Intake outpatient services with Asian and API focus. Services offered in multiple languages.
Bay Area Addiction Research & Treatment Inc. BAART | Market Street (415) 863-3883 Adults Comprehensive substance abuse treatment, specializing in outpatient methadone maintenance and detoxification (detoxification programs range in length from 21 – 180 days). Offer non-methadone outpatient substance abuse treatment. Low cost primary medical care for substance abusers and non-substance abusers. Walk-ins welcome!
Curry Senior Center (415) 885-2274 Adults Provides outpatient substance abuse treatment services for older adults aged 55 and older residing primarily in the Tenderloin and South of Market areas. Services include individual and group counseling, life skills building and education.
Baker Places | Joe Healy Detox Project (415) 626-9733;
(415) 864-1515
Website Adults Joe Healy Medical Detox Project offers a 7 to 21-day stay with both medical and counseling components, based on psychosocial rehabilitation models of care. Bed rest, nutrition and medication support are provided during the initial stay of up to 5 days, followed by opportunities to explore recovery and further treatment options.
Bayview/ Hunter's Point Methadone Program (415) 822-8200 Adults Outpatient methadone maintenance and 21-day detoxification services outpatient alcohol program providing individual, group, and family counseling. Acupuncture and herbal treatment.
Bayview/ Hunter's Point Youth Services Program (415) 822-1585 Adolescents Substance abuse counseling for youth: Prevention and social activities; and educational development.
Delancey Street Foundation (415) 957-9800 Adults Delancey Street is a 2-year highly structured residential educational community for substance abusers and sex workers.
Epiphany Center for Families in Recovery (415) 351-4052;
Adults Transitional housing program. Day Treatment services for women include early and full recovery acupuncture, case management, individual counseling life skills classes, parenting, education, and art therapy. Ancillary services for partners and other family members.
Freedom from Alcohol and Drugs (415) 665-9323 Men State-licensed residential program for adult men. Heavy daily structure, work program and extended living facilities.
Friendship House Association of American Indians, Inc. (415) 865-0964 Adults (including women with children)-Native American population Provides 90-day residential substance abuse treatment and 90-day aftercare services to men and women with Native American values, cultural and spiritual focus. Also provides one-year residential substance abuse program for women with their children (ages 0 to 5).
Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc. | Glide African American Extended Family Services (415) 674-6020 Adults Provides outpatient substance abuse counseling, codependency groups, parent reunification, treatment, parenting classes, and one-on-one counseling with a harm reduction approach and a spiritual focus.
Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc. | Bill Pone Memorial Unit (415) 565-1927 Adults (especially Asian population) Provides Asian Americans with a wide variety of bilingual/bicultural outpatient medical drug detox counseling and prevention services. Services also in some Asian languages.
Iris Center - Woman's Counseling and Recovery Services (415) 864-2364 Women Provides drug and alcohol recovery services, HIV services, counseling and mental health services. Focus on women of color, single mothers and lesbians.
Jelani House Inc. – Mission Recovery House (415) 206-1560 Women (and their children) Residential drug treatment program for women and their children up to the age 12. 6-9 months. Parenting, relapse prevention, individual and group counseling.
Latino Commission Casa Quetza (415) 337-4065 Men (especially Latino population) Clean-and-sober living for men in recovery which provides a stable environment allowing residents an opportunity to prepare financially, education, and vocationally wise to reintegrate back into the community.
Morrisania West, Inc. (415) 552-4660 Adults and adolescents Day treatment substance abuse program that serves youth and young adults residing in San Francisco.
New Life Center (415) 255-7434 Adults Residential and outpatient program for adult men and women. Psychosocial educational model; process and 12-Step groups. Community reintegration, employment, creative arts. Transition aftercare.
Ohlhoff Recovery Programs and Skip Byron Program (415) 621-4388;
(415) 626-9782
Website Adults and adolescents Chemical dependency programs for adults and adolescents, including A highly structured 30 day clinical program for adults. It offers a unique combination of services and programs and is an affordable alternative to expensive hospital rehabilitation
Progress Foundation | La Amistad (415) 285-8100 Adults La Amistad also provides residential treatment for transitional youth age 18-24, in collaboration with other TY service providers. Services include individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, peer support, activities of daily living, ambulatory medical support, medication support and referrals to social services, vocational rehabilitation, housing, and community treatment.
Salvation Army Harbor Lights (415) 503-3050 Adults (and their children) Non-medical residential treatment and transitional housing for single parents in recovery with children ages 0 to 10-1/2. 6 month program. Sobriety required. Also provides social model detox.
San Francisco Women's Rehabilitation Foundation Inc., The Stepping Stone (415) 751-5921 Website Women A private facility offering transitional residential treatment for women in early recovery.
St. Anthony's Foundation (SAF) (415) 592-2890 Adults Four to six months residential social model recovery programs
Stimulant Treatment Outpatient Program (S.T.O.P.), SFGH (415) 502-5777 Website Adults Provides intensive outpatient treatment for adults with cocaine or amphetamine dependence or abuse. Individual and group counseling. Also includes dual diagnosis, women’s, straight men’s, and gay men’s groups.
Stonewall Project (415) 502-5769;
(415) 502-1999
Men (especially gay/bisexual community) Comprehensive outpatient harm reduction program integrating substance abuse, mental health and HIV services for gay and bisexual men dealing with methamphetamine use issues.
Substance Abuse Services For Youth and Young Adults (415) 255-3403 Adults and adolescents Substance abuse services for youth and young adults consists of a continuum of services that encompasses prevention, early intervention, outpatient and day treatment.
TAP San Francisco Drug Court Treatment Center (415) 222-6150 Adults Case management, one-on-one intensive outpatient services, acupuncture, meditation, outpatient and residential referral services.
The Filipino Commission (650) 244-1444 Adults (especially Filipino population) Offers treatment to the Filipino community at its outpatient center for those who require lower levels of treatment intensity. A support group is provided to address such topics as relapse prevention, anger management and domestic violence.
Treatment Access Program (TAP) (415) 522-7100 Adults Comprehensive substance abuse screening, assessment referral and placement to treatment services. Off-site interim services for clients awaiting placement in program.
Twelve Step Programs (415) 566-4357 Adults Six to 18-month residential program for men and women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. A social model recovery program based upon the 12-Step principles of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous. Group therapy, educational meetings, vocational assistance.
Walden WHITS Program (415) 934-3425 Adults Offers integrated treatment for clients with substance abuse and other mental health issues. Clients entering Walden House residential programs undergo screenings and assessments to determine their need for mental health services during their residential stay. Depending upon individual treatment plans, clients may take part in individual therapy, group therapy, medication services, case management, skills training and crisis services.