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Student Services

To receive assistive technology services, students need to first have a Welcome Meeting with an Accessibility Counselor. The  Accessibility Services website has more information on how to schedule the Welcome Meeting. During the Welcome Meeting, the Accessibility Counselor and student will explore potential accommodations and make a referral to the Assistive Technology Office if needed.

The Assistive Technology Office will then contact the student for an AT Assessment. During the AT Assessment, the AT Coordinator will get to know the student and help identify what technology would be the best match for them. The AT Assessment usually lasts up to one hour and can be done via Zoom or in-person. After the AT Assessment, students can receive ongoing training and support for the assistive technology from the ATO team. Our Technology page has more information about what types of tools ATO has available.

Faculty & Staff Services:

To receive assistive technology services, faculty and staff need to first submit a workplace accommodation request through Human Resources. Human Resources will process the request and then contact the Assistive Technology Office if AT support is needed. Please visit the Human Resources webpage on accommodations to learn more about this process.

Our Team

Doug Ferguson

Doug Ferguson,

Assistive Technology Coordinator

"My goal is to meet each student as they are and learn what makes them unique. This way I can help determine what assistive technology will be the best tool for them in removing barriers and creating a more accessible learning experience."

Akhilesh Naidu

Akhilesh Naidu,

Assistive Technology Student Assistant

"Sometimes, it's a bit difficult to navigate this world, and all that is required is the right resource, tricks, or knowledge that could help us get where we want to."

Jahnvai Eskala

Jahnavi Eskala,

Assistive Technology Student Assistant

"In our ever-evolving technological landscape, I strive to guarantee equitable access for all students,
ensuring that each one can navigate any situation with the necessary support tailored to their needs."